Episode 030 – Hero Lab and Earthdawn: Interview Double Feature

In which your hosts take a brief break from Run & Gun.


Mr. Johnson interviews Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development briefly about the Shadowrun 5 Herolab update,




then moves from the Sixth World to the Fourth World to discuss Earthdawn 4th edition with Josh Harrison, the line developer for Earthdawn.

9 thoughts on “Episode 030 – Hero Lab and Earthdawn: Interview Double Feature”

  1. Might just get me one of those t-shirts when you end up getting them out there! Good podcast again folks. I was really hoping for some good news in regards to the Earthdawn/Shadowrun connection and I can tell that you wanted to broach the subject (and glad you got it in there). Oh well, though!

    Also very much looking forward to your game session podcasts. More from you guys is always a welcome thing!

    1. That’s great to hear! Thanks! I hope the interview sated your curiosity on the Earthdawn/SR connection. 🙂 And we’re very close to getting the actual plays up (I know I’ve been saying that forever, but it’s true!), so stay tuned. 🙂

  2. Regarding the 1d20 issue, my house rule has been for years that players may swap one d20 with a d10+d8 if they wish. They can shoot for luck or shoot for more average results at their choice.

  3. I never made a connection until now that FASA closed it’s doors just before they launched a “war” in the meta-plot for Earthdawn and that this act barely preceded the real-life start of the Iraq/Afghan war. And then now that the Iraq/Afghan war is (essentially) over, Earthdawn is relaunching with the meta-plot resuming post a Theran/Throal war. It’s like the real-life war intervened into the meta-plot for the game line. Weird coincidence.

    I only have one other comment on the pronunciation of the race in Earthdawn – the T’skrang. The ‘T’ is pronounced. My reference for this is the original 1st edition Throal sourcebook. Listed on page 180 are two T’skrang names and their phonetic pronunciations. Both names are spelled with a ‘T’ and the apostrophe. T’venyoh (Tuh-VANE-yuh) and T’shan (Tuh-SHAN). So if those names include the introductory “T” sound so should the name of the race (Tuh-Skrang).

    Nice podcast. Good questions and interviews all-around. I am beginning to miss my Shadowruns and the characters that played in them.

    1. Very interesting! And thank you kindly. 🙂 If you miss your Shadowruns, you should jump back in! 😉

  4. I’ve be up for a tshirt, even though I’ll never get nerps points unless Catalyst remembers there’s a world outside the USA and does events here! But it’d still be sweet to have a tshirt! Maybe some other merch too would be sweet! Great show as always!

    1. Too bad. 🙁 But maybe you’ll get over here and then you can cash in – buy and wear twenty NERPS-points-eligible shirts at once, neh? 🙂

      1. I used to fly to OH for Origins when I worked as part of the Reaper demo team, and I’ve done lots of demo rep stuff since then, but unless I can justify a family vacation in the city the con is in, no way I’ll make another one – and GenCon UK/EU died a while back too :o( But I still want a Arcology tshirt and other merch!!!!! :o)

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