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Episode 037 – Character Optimization

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk character optimization with Maverick from the Arcology Actual Play podcast. ¬†Also included: a new listener story! Show notes: (Thanks again to SpitDawg for this breakdown!) Intro 0:00:00 Episode 037 News 0:00:30 Shadowrun Blog: The Next Steps for Shadowrun Missions 0:00:45 3 New Hidden Grid Episodes 0:00:55 […]

Episode 036 – Crossfire

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk about the Shadowrun collectible card game, Crossfire. Also included: a new and extra-long Critter Corner. You may feel more at ease¬†with a can of Raid nearby. Show Notes: Listener SpitDawg created this lovely breakdown of episode 36 by timestamp (Thanks!): 00:00 Intro News 00:32 2 New Critical Glitch […]

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