Episode 067 – Seattle: Cities of Shadowrun Part 1

All right, Seattle. We get it. by Seth Sawyers
All right, Seattle. We get it. by Seth Sawyers

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson begin a series on the Cities of Shadowrun, starting with the most iconic of them all: Seattle.

Episode 066 – Shadowkids

Free Daddy and His Little Shadow Girls at The Skate Park Creative Commons by Pink Sherbet Photography

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk with “Good” Ray Rigel and Opti about running and playing Shadowrun with younger players.

Show Notes:
 Echo Chernik – Facebook page with tarot card artwork:


Dice Crimes – new Shadowrun actual play podcast:


 The Awesome Dice Project – (now live!) Kickstarter project for cyberpunk-themed dice:


Deep Shadows MUSH – Needs Python programmers! (Send us an email if you can help.) Check it out through a Telnet client:

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