6 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 021 – Collateral Damage”

  1. Great Episode, I’ve now got a new trick to play on my Runners….I liked the plot (no spoilers) and I like the way Mr. J thinks. Only issue I have is that they are too short or my commute is too long….anyway great job guys keep it coming.

  2. Very enjoyable episode, loved how Mr Johnson managed the players completely in game without coming across as heavy handed. Still wondering when someone is going to question the Face’s math… 20,000 times 6 runners is how much?
    These actual play podcasts are my Wednesday a.m. entertainment and help with my Shadowrun addiction withdrawal symptoms. To echo Arcion great job and please keep them coming.

  3. Agree completely with Sterling and Arcion – my Wednesday commute is WAY too short :o) I love Tiny’s style, casually slinging a MMG over his shoulder as he walks into a Barrens ganger bar – CLASSIC!! I’ve a few characters who’d get on famously with Tiny :oD

  4. Just loved the reaction Kenji had when he realized that King James’s guy was the ganger they fed to the ghoul

  5. Loved the role play…except one thing, once they had convinced him, they needed to quit talking! “Hey we took him alive”..etc, at that point, the talk could have stopped. If I had been the J, I might have gotten “angry/frustrated” and it would have prejudiced the pay they received for the next run.

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