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Episode 038 – Metaplanar Quests

freefall by Alice Popkorn
free fall by Alice Popkorn

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the why, what, and how of metaplanar quests, plus a new listener story!

Show Notes (Thanks as always to SpitDawg for the notetaking!)


0:00:00 Episode 038


0:00:30 JustMass informs reddit is looking for Runners & Johnsons for large on-line game


0:02:57 Counter’s Guide to Japan in the Sixth World

A Guide to Japan in the Sixth World 第六世界の日本案内

Konnichi wa, omae.

So, you’re planning a trip to the Imperial State of Japan, are you? Good luck, you’ll need it. Japanese culture is a huge part of North America in the Sixth world, barring the cultural drekhole that is Aztlan. You probably understood my opening line, despite it being in a language you don’t speak, but probably have the KnowSoft for.

If you don’t have it, GET IT.

Your average Japanese speaks more English than they did 50 years ago, but Japanese is still the go-to language, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Sure, they’re a lot less xenophobic than they used to be, but with the Awakening and re-affirmation of their Eight Thousand Kami, their high opinion of themselves has gotten even higher. Oh, and with the increased beef consumption, your average Japanese isn’t much shorter than your average UCAS SINner, so leave the short jokes out of your carry-on. Let’s start with the bits of Japanese culture that you probably have heard, but don’t know all that much about.


Even in North America, Japanese language has infiltrated to a sufficient degree that most people don’t even know it’s not English. Here are some words you’ve probably heard, and their origins. omae (御前) (Oh-MA-ay): Literally “The honored one in front [of me]” this second-person pronoun used to be a respectful term up until the early 1900s. Then it shifted to take on a sarcastic tone, and became the commonplace word we use today. That’s the thing about Japanese sarcasm: It tends to be misplaced use of respectful language, rather than the tonal sarcasm we’re used to in English. If your Japanese running mate tells you “That was a great idea!” after your botched breaching charges set off the alarm, he actually probably means it. But in the debriefing, if he says something along the lines of “Our honored demolitions expert…”, you might have a problem. Omae is commonly used as a friendly if somewhat provocative term for “you” in both modern Japanese and English.

0:03:48 Brian asks: What are the Benefits of Dual Fist Wielding, and can you attack the same target with Multi-attack?

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06:00 Hero-Lab & Realm-Works


Main Topic

0:06:20 Metaplanar Quests

0:08:34 Purposes of Metaplanar Quests


Hide an Astral Link (Track a Link)

Retrieve a Disrupted Spirit

Seek a Spirit’s Formula or True Name

Compel a Spirit Pact

Permanently Destroy a Spirit

Gain Magical Knowledge

Learn a Spell or Item Formula

Ritual of Atonement

0:15:05 Google Cat Yodeling


0:15:12 How do you get to the Metaplanes?

0:16:00 What is a Metaplanar Quest?

Dweller on the Threshold

The Trials (pg 130 – SR4 Street Magic)

Place of Charisma

Place of Destiny

Place of Fear

Place of Knowledge

Place of Magic

Place of Spirits

Ordeals – Nine Paths (pg 141 – SR5 Street Grimoire)









Mastery of Time and Space

0:21:30 Hidden Grid Metaplanar Quest Episodes



0:26:58 Consequences of Metaplanar Quests

0:32:32 Tips on Running Metaplanar Quests

0:35:55 Metaplanar Quest Movie Suggestions: MirrorMask


Story Time

0:37:35 Spitdawg the Ganger – In Soviet Russia…


0:40:20 Send Feedback


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0:41:12 Disclaimer

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