5 thoughts on “Special Episode: UnCONventional Warfare – Part I”

  1. Awesome ep! Love all actual plays :o)
    I do have a question though…. is Kenji trying to do an Australian or British accent. Cos I have to say it’s so bad it’s good :o)

  2. Definitely Aussie with the way he was throwing around the word ‘mate’.

  3. You know I truely enjoyed this run. Id be so intrested in hearing the DM run a series on here. I hate to admit but the lonestar and pirate series I found rather dull and cant listen to them at work as they tend to make me sleepy lol. Nothing against chriss I just prefer the actual shadowrun actual play vs the other ideas. This run was very enjoyable and fun to listen to. I cant wait for part 2

  4. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Especially compared to the same run with different characters as done by Dice Crimes “Comment Witheld”.

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