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This week we’re doing a sort of “housekeeping” show in which we answer questions and address requests that we’ve let pile up. Got any questions you’d like us to add to the pile? Post them here or on Facebook! We’ll do our best to get them all answered!

15 thoughts on “Got Questions?”

  1. I’m starting in to shadowrun for the first time ever with 5th ed.
    I have the core rule book and my wife got me sprawl wilds and the GMs cover.
    I plan on getting the 2 box sets when they come out over here in the UK, and shattered state when I can track one down at a good price.
    In the mean time is there any website/pages you would recommend to a rookie please?

  2. I have read some game descriptions on Roll20, and they mention “bonus karma” for contacts.
    Not sure what that means, but my question is this.

    How does a player increase the rating of a contact? or get a new contact? Do they just use Karma to increase it like any other skill?

    1. You get special karma when you create a character that can only be spent on contacts, It’s based off your charisma score. To raise a contact loyalty rating or get a new contact all comes down to roleplaying, the more professional, friendly, useful you are to a person the more they’ll do for you.

  3. When a decker or technomancer goes into the matrix hot sim, are they aware of their surroundings in the real world? Like if somebody comes up and ties their show laces together.. would they know it ?

    1. there not aware of their surroundings, the hot sim takes over all sensory input. As with moving their body if they jacked out they’d come straight back to it.

  4. is it possible to go a little deeper into matrix actions for a decker or a technomancer? like what are super useful abilities that everyone should probably do? hack on the fly, brute force, and dataspike seem most common, but what about the others? (add in technomancer resonance actions and my head starts to REALLY swim)

    also similar thing with spells- what spells do you find super useful or best to run with? or useful things with spirits?

    do foci bonuses stack? (i think i read no, but i don’t have the book in front of me currently)

  5. ^ to clarify, you want to get marks right? Dataspike is good for bricking items, and dataspike damage increases with the amount of marks you have on an item. But what else is useful or good to do with 1,2, or 3 marks on an item? Also I think you mentioned a run you were on where you got some actual coffee grounds and used them as reagents. what would be the difference between using those crazy rare reagents and store bought 500 nuyen a dram kind (fluff wise or mechanics)? and after using it as a reagent can you then brew it and enjoy?

  6. What do skills/cyber/gear/spells do you think are underrated–things you’ve found extremely useful in your runs, but that most people overlook or ignore?

  7. Runner lifestyles and security features. Runners are always stirring up hornets nests, and sometimes you can’t help but take work home with you. Have you ever had your runner’s flats detailed out? What kind of security features do you build in or recommend for your runner home renovator?

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