8 thoughts on “Episode 122 – Neo-Tokyo Missions”

  1. Great podcast! My group is antsy for NT, though we’re just starting Season 8 (Chicago).

    My big takeaway from this: definitely adding specialization (vending machines) to my K: Neo-Tokyo.

  2. You commented a couple times on it, but the alternate creation methods *are* allowed, but only after being checked off by a GM to make sure the character is reasonably balanced. Essentially this means that a GM has the right to not allow a Sum2Ten character if they feel that method has been used to make the character over-powered.

  3. Good episode as always. I definitely need to read the FAQ for NT, but my first impression based on your review is that I am VERY disappointed in where they are going with the new location for Missions (and I say that as an active CDT Agent).

    First, they made Faces all but obsolete since they can’t negotiate for higher pay. Yes, Faces can do more than that, but let’s be honest, that is about 80% of their jobs in most runner teams.

    Second, they made ‘gun bunnies’ seriously limited by both the ever-present law-enforcement & Yakuza presence as well as the ever-present scanning and availability issues.

    Third, they made running in NT a lose-lose proposition. Let’s face it, unless the average Mission pay is 50,000 Nuyen or more, a runner is likely to go in the hole if they are legitimately running the risk of burning 2-3 Fake SINs per game just by walking down the street!

    I also did not care for the idea of making everyone create a new character for a Living Campaign since (oh, I don’t know), it’s a ‘LIVING CAMPAIGN’, but in the case of what they did with the rest of the FAQ, I agree with it in this context: Under these constraints, it seems the only runners who would operate in NT are the ones that are too poor to leave or too inept to cut it anywhere else. Realistically, the average runner team can make far more money with far fewer expenses (and without having one or both hands tied behind their back) by running virtually ANYWHERE else in the world!

    Again, I still need to read through the actual FAQ document for myself. However, based on what I have heard so far, I have very little interest in running any of the NT Missions and NO interest in playing them. Super disappointed about that.

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