5 thoughts on “Episode 117 – Matrix 401 – GM the Matrix”

  1. I’m listening, and I heard you mention to have the techno buff his attribute….you forgot that Infusion of Matrix Attribute is ‘target device’, so they can’t buff themselves….unless it’s changed?

    1. Strike that….p. 252, Core Rulebook….”Each complex form entry has a Target describing what it works on. A complex form with a Device target can also be used to target a persona.”

  2. What happens if a hacker or technomancer are in a host when it is unplugged from the wider network?

  3. I heard all matrix episodes and one thing didn’t get clear. An agent program has its own persona, but it’s running on the player cyberdeck. If the agent is running illegal actions (attack/sleaze) , does it add to the decker GOD score or is tracked separately and it has its own score?

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