2 thoughts on “Episode 111 – Matrix 302 – Technomancers”

  1. Around the 12:15 mark, Mr. J. says something like “technomancers are not a device, and they can’t be targeted by things that specifically target devices”. . The core rulebook directly says otherwise. Now, not sure if this was meant to be errata’d out, but I don’t think it has been changed since printing yet.

    Core Rulebook, page 252 (depending on which printing), under the “Resonance Library” header. Second paragraph starts with “Each complex form entry has a Target describing
    what it works on. A complex form with a Device target
    can also be used to target a persona.”

    So things like Infusion/Diffusion of Matrix Attributes should work on a technomancer, as well as a Deck. It might seem odd at first, specially with things like Puppeteer, but Mages do have Control Actions/Thoughts available to them.

    1. Came here to say this too.

      Living personas aren’t devices, but the rules directly explain that every CF that can be used on device can be used on a persona. It’s just a bad formatting/layout design issue of the book.

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