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  1. Wait, so, you only need 1 mark to edit file and edit file can do all that?
    Doesn’t that mean that public access devices that invite marks to legitimate looking users get defaced/copied from often?
    Seems like it’d be super easy to just edit a bunch of matrix graffiti all over and then log out and reset.

    1. Per Mr. J: Don’t forget you still have to pull off the Edit file action as well, so getting a free mark from a powerful host still won’t let you change things how you will. That and you’ll need a mark on the file itself to be able to edit it. Sharing marks goes up the chain of command, not back down. If you get a mark to visit the Aztechnology Seattle host, you don’t get marks on any of the files or devices hosted by it by extension. You’ll still probably need to get away with a lot more that just getting your foot in the door to properly deface the host. Stuffer Shack Hosts are provided in official published Shadowrun text as an example of common targets for exactly the kind of vandalism you’re describing, though!

  2. At 51:00 Mr. J mentions Suppress Noise action can be used by deckers to “get a message out” however Suppress Noise strictly says “use their RCC to reduce noise between themselves and their vehicles or drones.” to me that implies two things, this action can only be taken by an RCC, and it only reduces noise to drones and vehicles. So I take it as deckers can only do this if they have an RCC on their PAN and any actions a drone can do, so Data Processing and Firewall actions, can be forwarded to the drones to execute. The only times I see this useful is if the RCC is in a spam/static zone while the drone is not or the drone is farther than 100m away.

    It might be interpreted differently, however I believe that is roughly the intent since the Retrans Unit (R5 p. 168) allows for similar chaining all the time without the use of actions, however it strictly states “a retrans unit cannot be used as a sort of bridge to eliminate noise for a decker attempting to hack into devices beyond the drone”

  3. At 1:00:50 Mr. J says that using Brute Force “if you succeed, you get your mark on it and it doesn’t know”

    However on (Core p. 236) under Noticing Hackers it specifically says that “If you succedd with an Attack action, your target becomes aware that it is under attack by another icon.” So this line directly contradicts what Mr. J says.

    1. I just noticed that Crack File is an Attack action, so by these rules the owner of a file that you’re trying to decrypt knows something is going on.

  4. Mr. Johnson made the comment that a commlink that was running silent could not resist being found. This is untrue.

    When you’ve discovered that there is an icon within 100m that is running silent (and 100m is the limit, you cannot spot an icon past 100m that is running silent), you make an opposed test if your Computer + Intuituon [Data Processing] vs their Logic + Sleaze

    This Sleaze is NOT a limit to their roll, it’s the second part of a two attribute test. So, if they have a commlink with no Sleaze, they just get to roll their Logic. They don’t have a very good chance to resist being found, but they do get a roll. A Roll in which they can spend edge, burn edge, or whatever.

  5. Any luck in finding some good Matrix Cheat Sheets? I’ve been looking every few days to see if there was anything in the show notes.

      1. Is this the one that someone (Ken?) mentioned using for their technomancer during the podcast?

  6. In Episode 106 Q&A you state that it is possible to Slave a Device to a Comlink and slave the Comlink the to a Deck. Even with a example in the Rulebook.

    Could you tell me were that is?
    Couldn’t find it myself.

    greets Miles

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