5 thoughts on “Episode 104 – Initiative”

  1. Can you post the link to the shadowcaster discord server for us to link to?

  2. You guys missed drug overdosing. In the crb in the addiction section if you take two drugs that have the same increases you take their addiction ratings added together as stun damage. This is a major down side to stacking drugs. You can make this less intense via drug crafting in chrome flesh.

    I know this because recently a character I ran with on shadownet took a speedball of like 4 different drugs. Blood of kali and a few others included. He got the drug interaction that causes you to take all the crash effects immediately. He proceeded to run throughout the building with about 3 boxes, and another 30 to take when the drugs wore off, killing everything in the building.

  3. yo, just wanted to point out one thing that you missed during the discussion about having things stacking with others unless it specifically says it doesnt.

    move-by-wire stacks with increase reflexes(spell) & adrenaline boost(adept.pwr) as it only specifies that it doesnt stack with reaction increasing augmentations (and the other two doesnt specify anything)

    this can create something very scary and could be a fun thing to throw against the players but obviously needs very broad application for a very specific focus as you need powers from every field and is very costly.

    just thought i should throw it your guys way, keep cool in the shadows


  4. The only thing regarding initiative that you left out (maybe intentionally) is the multidimensional co-processor and toolbox program for decker/rigger and their equivalent for technomancer.
    Since your episode on Matrix just popped out tonight you might have mention it in there, I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to it yet.

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