Episode 099 – Essential Skills

Show Notes:

Free, system-neutral, cyberpunk PDF – “Augmented Reality

Crimetown podcast

Johnny Nuclear and the Meltdowns is making music set in the SR universe on “Atomic Heart

14 thoughts on “Episode 099 – Essential Skills”

  1. Sorry, glitch in the Matrix. We’ll have a repaired version up in a few minutes. Just waiting for the spiders to finish their deep run to upgrade the host’s Firewall.

  2. Technomancers messing with the data! The listener contributions are a blaring garble of noise with hidden code inside, avert your ears, reboot all devices and reset your persona, put on your tinfoil hat and have yourself monitored in case you’ve now been reprogrammed by the hijacked transmission!

  3. While I’ve been known to rant unintelligibly, usually it’s due to brain and mouth synch issues, not bad audio files. A better file is en route. Context, I was explaining to facts of life to the naive.

    Also, while I have a decker in my employ, I’d never green light him to hack The Arcology. I like my naugahyde fitted coffin motel bolthole too much!

    1. Yep – for the record, that audio problem was all technomancers, not contributors.

  4. One more for honorable mention: Performance.

    Comes with a small story time: a rigger chummer of mine was on a run that depended on folks stepping into an ambush. At the point when the ambush was supposed to happen, nobody stepped forward into the ‘X’. So RC decided (was supposed to) it was time for a quick pit stop. Not having the Performance skill ended up with a critical glitch from defaulting with Charisma, which didn’t blend well when the party mage cast his illusions.

    He survived the instance (barely), but the team wasn’t very happy with the broken ambush.

  5. Look into Eclipse Phase for the Future setting concept, it has a ton of cool ideas and is really slick to read!

  6. Just curious why Perception wasn’t mentioned. As a player, I always regret having low/no ranks when a Perception test is called. As a GM, I always enjoyed a player with low/no ranks as a low success or glitch could lead to some fun misleading information to that player.

    1. You wanna know why Perception wasn’t mentioned?
      Because we forgot. That’s why. (I can’t believe we forgot about Perception!)

  7. Also note that you can’t default on Palming, making it even more vital.

    Leadership is so often overlooked. Inspire (because Surprise = death) and Rally (net extra IPs for the group) are also fantastic uses.

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