Episode 091 – The Sixth World Tarot


In which Mr. J, along with special guest Kevin Czarnecki, talk with acclaimed Shadowrun artist Echo Chernik about the Shadowrun Sixth World Tarot.

Show Notes:

Echo’s online store: https://echochernik.myshopify.com/

Shadownet: we’re an online community of Shadowrun players using Reddit as a forum to organize games in a shared world setting.

  • Head to r/shadownet for more information, or get started at r/shadowchargen

Game Day for Extra Life: Nov. 5 00:01 UTC – Nov. 7 at 00:01 UTC at https://www.twitch.tv/shadownetstream

Anonycon: Stamford, Connecticut – Dec. 9-11

  • Visit www.anonycon.com to register and sign up for games
  • Accepting GM submissions through November 1st (details on website)
  • Any additional questions can be addressed to info@anonycon.com

2 thoughts on “Episode 091 – The Sixth World Tarot”

  1. FYI: Google also does a phone number thing. I don’t have the details at the moment, but I know some script writers and movie folks use them to both have a phone number and send the voice mail to email.

    1. It’s called Google voice and it is free. Been using it as my main number for several years.

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