Episode 087 – Howling Shadows

Shadowrun Howling Shadows

In which we talk with authors Patrick Goodman and Kevin Czarnecki about Howling Shadows, the 5th edition critter book!

Show Notes:

Milkrun: http://milkrun.libsyn.com/
Essential NPC’s: http://www.essentialnpcs.com/episodes.html
Anonycon (early December, Stanford, CT): http://anonycon.com/
Pirate Name Generator: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/182670/Quick-Generator–Pirate-Name-Generator

5 thoughts on “Episode 087 – Howling Shadows”

  1. Aw man i was super excited when you mentioned the ‘regular game’ patron reward level, but then you said tuesday and sunday!

    Being a graveyard shifter who is very interested in this, im curious as to whether other days would be a possibility?

  2. “If you have a copy of running wild there is a price list in there you can use” Well to that I respond with “Why did I pay you money for a new book”

    It is not my job to un&$#@ your material Catalyst

    I paid you money with the expectation that certain things that have always been present in your line (I.e. price and availability charts) And you didn’t deliver, you failed, own it.

    Referencing old products made by wizkids and FASA is a good way for people to loose respect in you as a company.

    If I can just house rule things, why should I bother paying you one red cent for your products?

    1. We hear you. Though just to be clear, neither we nor the freelancers, Patrick and Kevin, officially represent Catalyst Game Labs.

  3. Note to the interviewees: If you place a critter in the rules with the description, explicit or implied, that includes “mindless” and “killing machine”, a player WILL want to play it.

  4. The easiest way to reduce your file size would be to convert them to mono. While mono is nono for music, for a mostly spoken word podcast it should work just fine.

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