12 thoughts on “Episode 076 – Rigger 5”

  1. Again with this Gandy gonk. At first I was thinking he had some useful info…Then he launches into how you should guarantee your revenge accomplishment motivations by announcing you’re gonna commit a Class 1 Felony in public, who you’re going to do it to, and how.

    ***Holy hot SoySiracha stinkin’ drek onna stick with a side of fraggin’ deep fried drake ‘taters!!!!***

    I hope for Gamgee’s sake that rigger’s deaf and dumb ’cause nothing says “untraceable homicide” like a rigger hijacked brick carrying cargo drone guided from altitude to the target at terminal velocity.

    For the record, I encourage runners to do as I do and NEVER seek revenge. Revenge is below Shadowrunners (especially mages like myself) – and ought to be below you. Yes, some people who cause mortal disappointments perish later on bad ‘runs, accidents, law enforcement altercations yet in ways unrelated to our respective specialties. Or they simply drop suddenly from sight. But these are totally coincidental and can’t be proven otherwise. Such sad ends are due only to culminating character flaw effects. Or, in the last, a desire to hide their shame by starting a fresh new law abiding life under a fake SIN. No hard feelings! May they rest up and see lots of novel tropical fish in their Caribbean League home. So forgive and forget troops! Make it your New Year’s resolution and make sure all your friends, associates, and interested law enforcement representatives know.

    Also, eat less Soyburgers. That drek’s bad for ya’.

  2. Let me call up Louie, and we’ll have a birthday surprise waiting for ya. On me. (Don’t tell Don Carnage.)

  3. Since I’m german (and our publisher is doing a terrific job), I never really consider buying the english source books – but I couldn’t bear waiting for Rigger 5 and just had to buy the english PDF. The artwork got me positively swooning, and I love the variety of new toys for my Rigger. 🙂

    Regarding the modification rules, I think it’s worth mentioning that the Drone Mod Rules are completely optional. – Solid episode and good to hear from you. Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful book, and glorious it hit the streets with customization options. It would have been nice to see more example pictures. Also, a slight bummer the F-B Bumblebee drone didn’t make the book that was published in Nothing Personal.

  5. I got it: “You want it, you got it” Young MC, right? I can hear the song in my head in any event.

  6. On pg. 183 of the Rigger 5.0 book there is a picture oddly similar to the Ares Duelist concept mentioned in “EPISODE 009: RIGGERS – SHADOWRUNNER DOSSIER #4”, coincidence?

  7. I may have to revise my position on HQs/safe houses/lairs/fortresses of solitude in light of the Krime Wing, the VTOL that can fit 20 normal sized metahumans (or 35 dwarves or 10 trolls). Certainly it can fit a whole team and all their toys. Add a high grade EW suite and a rigger and it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

  8. I agree with Mister Johnson in that it is a pity that there are no
    flying vehicles available to starting players. That is why I encourage my rigger players to have a contact that is willing to rent them (civilian) helicopters and boats for a reasonable price. That way even starting characters can pull off an airborne assault or evacuation if this is within the budget of the run.

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