Episode 075 – Player Downtime

View from the Sidelines
View from the Sidelines by Anthony Crider

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson, along with some familiar voices, discuss minimizing player downtime at the gaming table. Also, a new episode of “Dear Handy,” a new Critter Corner, and a new Storytime!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 075 – Player Downtime”

  1. Mr. Johnson and Vox,
    Great ep! Sorry the Critter audio went long. Most of that team were ex military and get warm fuzzies with formal briefs. Do it right and I don’t have to listen to “Waa that’s not how it’s done in The Teams, The Squadron, The Corps, The Airborne , etc” bitching for almost an hour into the run. 🙂 Hopefully some other runners will contribute for the next eps – maybe even ones who can arrange wiz background music.

    On that note: The Masked Game Master ROCKS!!!!! And I love how he stepped all over that Hand Job guy.

  2. I got my copy of datatrails today and as I am reading the opening fiction I start having a double take. THE kid is there! And he calls up Spike! Took me a few to put two and two together. Good Writing Vox.

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