Episode 073 – Cyberrun

In which Mr. Johnson talks with Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander Productions, Inc. about all manner of gaming goodness, including his upcoming plans for a film, board games, and some other things he’s been working on. Also, a new Storytime, listener questions, and it’s our 2-year anniversary!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 073 – Cyberrun”

  1. Just sayin’, if you guys head up to that see Mr. Gofton then we NEED to make a meet up happen. I’d love to have fellow podcasters over and we (my wife and I, she’s also a born Wisconsin native) would be happy to tour guide you and your family. I believe he’s in Guelph, yeah? Hamilton is literally like 15 minutes away and there is a lot of family friendly stuff in the area (as well as Niagara Falls bein’ about 40 minutes away, if you’ve never been).

    Open invitation 😉

  2. Again with this Andy guy. Or is it Handy? Not too much bad advice this time – and what was bad came with disclaimers.

    My advice to him on Johnsons stiffing the restaurant bill is to just charge ’em more. “Expenses” is a good catchall if you want to be snarky. I’d just bump the rates on hold the second run and call it inflation. But Johnsons know better than to play silly games like that with me or my crew. It doesn’t mean they won’t play deadly serious games if we let our guard down. But I don’t have to do whoppee cushion inspections or drek like that at a meet.

    The storytime was typical Shadow tragic. Leg work is important. But the early drama with the pregnant woman coulda been solved easy if they’d set clear rules with the Johnson at the outset. Take one of Opti’s crew, Rainbow Smite. RBS sets a clear policy up front: “No kids, no animals”. A Johnson hears that he’s either OK with it, picks another ‘runner, or guarantees himself a bad outcome when she voids the deal. Apparently she can do so quite forcefully.

  3. Y’all always say you are going to leave information in the “show notes”.
    Where can we find these “show notes”?

    1. Show notes are listed under the episode post on our website. Just open the episode entry to take a look! If you have any trouble, let me know which episode’s notes you’re looking for and I’ll give you a link.

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