6 thoughts on “Episode 069 – Chrome Flesh, Part 2”

  1. Thanks for posting my safe house ideas. To clarify, these are places to hide when the drek hits the fan, not operate out of. After all, what would gramma say about the panther cannon on the coffee table? Also, I never got back with you about it because I figured you too were busy producing this awesome podcast.

    I love the Masked GM show!

    1. Hey, thanks for the positive works about the Masked GM segment. I’d have to say that your safe house ideas were incredibly creative. I liked them a lot!

      If you ever have any ideas about topics for the Masked GM, let me know. I love feedback.

  2. Love These review of booke. Nice to hear you Are not alone in the teori/Meta/research. And i get so many ideas.

  3. I was watching a Miller Lite commercial where a guy walks into a convenience store and sings “Carry On”, that guy sounds like Maverick.

  4. While I know there are people here involved with catalyst I just have to respond on this.

    “It just seems that Catalyst is trying to get these books out as fast as possible.”

    and I have to agree. The quality has been going to heck while they continually ramp up the production line with as much superficial fluff as possible. Presumably in my mind, because it’s easy to get enthused people to write it and doesn’t need a lot of mechanical checking.

    While I don’t like to say this it looks like catalyst wants to be done with this license as soon as possible with the good graces of “giving us an entire line” of the game before they throw it back to tops or sit on it. I didn’t include 6th edition because it doesn’t’ look like they want to do that at all as they’ve kind of gained a reputation of low quality, I would even go so far as an actual gaming book saying that the core rule book was the best put together gaming aid. It had an index, table of contents, readable chapter titles, sub headings for chapters and reference tables at the end. Every book past that started to lose at least one of these, even Run faster which was one of the best books material wise only had useable chapter names and an expanded table of context, I don’t count stuff you can buy for 1 nuyen and various fluff prices as a reference table. Which is disheartening next to Data trails which had nothing usable as a gaming aid during game, at best you troll through it during character creation and hope. Chrome flesh only improved by throwing in the reference tables at the end that reference the book and the core rule book.

    I hate to be negative cause well, I never really got into a game of this due to short time with group and was introduced through a late purchase of shadowrun returns. Finding this podcast and critical glitch sometime before data trails dropped got me really hyped for this product but in buying most of the core books I’ve gone to catalyst shadowrun site and still see a splash for Run faster as a pre-order and it’s almost telling when they stopped caring. You can load it up now and it’s the same pre order image as it is then, they can’t be bothered to update a top and sidebar image for chrome flesh.

    Sorry to be a downer but I had to get this off my chest. I love this podcast and it’s lets plays and know it’ll go on longer than catalyst does with shadow run if I’m right but it doesn’t make me any happier to come into a game and possibly watch it fall down and explode.

  5. Love the show. The book reviews are always lots of fun and the Masked GM segments rock. Not a huge fan of Canis’s take on the drugs section.

    He clearly has experience with mental health and medication which gives him specific detailed knowledge about drugs and how they work. His insight was great but I could have done without the vitriol. Mr J sounded about as uncomfortable as I felt listening to it. If you pull real world facts into this game nothing ends up making sense.

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