Episode 045 – Game Mastering Shadowrun Part 6: Downtime

Old Clock by William Warby
Old Clock by William Warby

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss how to make the most of downtime. Also, a new Critter Corner and Storytime!

Show Notes:

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8 thoughts on “Episode 045 – Game Mastering Shadowrun Part 6: Downtime”

  1. I’ve only recently discovered how to downtime. It gives you a pretty sizeable difference over just speed running through the missions in the module. I only wish I’d figured that out BEFORE my players had reached the final mission… still these are some great tips.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you! As a first time GM I ran our groups first session of Shadowrun on Friday. It was intimidating, but incredibly rewarding. Your GM podcasts and the actual play are an immense help trying to get that flavor and feel for how to run the game. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Since I’ll be gamemastering some downtime today for the first time, this episode is pure gold. Thanks for the inspiration, guys. 🙂

  4. I know it’s a tad late, but one critter I’d be quite interested in hearing about is… I believe they are Naga? I remember one of my players mentioning that a bunch of particularly savvy Naga had made a nation somewhere in South-East Asia or some such. Might be complete hogwash, haven’t followed up, but the idea of it has captivated me for a bit.

  5. I have used something close to your suggested Basilisk trap set-up before. It was in DnD 3.0. I had three mirrors down a long hallway in a noble’s house, just off the conservatory leading to his office, so they could steal a ledger that would tie him to a string or orc and goblin raids on a local caravan route.

    The trap was set so that anyone without his house hold staffs rings, simple enchanted bands of copper, would be targeted by the basilisks that where housed on the other side of the one-way mirrors. It worked like a charm nailing the fighter and barbarian in the first round, it took the rogue to figure it out, and she almost ended up frozen too, but she stole EVERYTHING that wasn’t bolted down and so she had several of the household rings on her person.

    Also, love these episodes my own Shadowrun game, the one I am running, is just about to sit for it’s 6th session, and it will be a mix of downtime and leg work. Plus I am about to shift the entire speed and location of the game, so it is great to hear another GMs tactics when it comes to Downtime.

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