Episode 043 – Combat Medics – Shadowrunner Dossiers #7

Combat Medic

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the combat medic as shadowrunner, including all the skills, spells, gear, and ‘ware you might need to make an effective combat medic.

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  1. If your medic is a magician, the Great Mother mentor spirit (from Sail Away Sweet Sister) is a pretty good option, as long as you can stand losing one die to any combat action.

  2. I love the idea of the non-standard character template and hope you can do more in the future. In particular I’d like to see: The Former Ganger, The Investigator, The Weapons/Armour specialist, and The Covert Ops. I hope you can cover more like this in future episodes

    1. @ Wexeldorf, I play a weaponsmith/armorer in an online game. I have found many great ways to utilize those particular skills in the shadows and it has been a lot of fun. I would love to hear some tips and tricks from Vox and Mr. Johnson too.

    2. We had a ton of fun basing characters off the 3rd ed template characters like those. My favorite was Gar, a hard boiled Ork Detective with no magic, no cyber, no bio, and no drugs other than the occasional use of slap patches and long haul. Custom snub nose super warhawk, trench coat and fedora. He talked to himself in third person under his breath like a dresden file novel. It was a fun departure from my cyber – ork meatshield. 🙂

    1. It’s a Very Good Thing for combat medics to have that automatic reaction.

  3. Great show, and I like the topic – funnily enough it’s one I’ve been playing with myself for a while, so thanks for the tips :o) The small but upgraded medkit is definitely something that caught my eye too :o) I think I’ve gotten the medic I’m making to where I want him….. had to tweak him the other night after listening to this pod :o)

  4. Excellent topic. A sammy can contribute very well as a combat medic with the necessary physique for the job. Nonlethal weapons in Shadowrun can often be more effective than lethal ones. Working knowledge of the medical field can be the best part of a disguise. A good selection of contacts can also provide medical access, supply, and transportation.

  5. On the subject of secondary skill sets…

    My ooc wife is a medic, formerly of a private ambulance company. They usually pair up with a she and medic type, either a “basic” or an “intermediate,” and the lower skill employee is usually the driver. Having a medic with rigging abilities is a good idea, but it’s hard to fly the VTOL away from the drek and still patch up the wounded. Having a competent partner, however, solves this issue.

    Most medics get into the habit of giving orders, so a leadership role calls to many of them. SoME are also adrenaline junkies, so active skills and athletic skills are appropriate. Not to Mention the exotic skills that get little talk but work well in any good game session: parasailing, hang gliding, rappelling, rock climbing, water skiing, and windsurfing are some of the tame ones.

    Most also pick up administrative duties, as filling out paperwork is a massive part of the job. They may get jobs (with real SINs) as social worker types, and play the rescuing hero by night. (Batman complex?). They also pick up mechanical skills, having to switch out great and tanks of their own rigs.

    And each company uses different gear, so there’s probably an unwritten rule that a combat medic must take brand loyalty… Not to mention required to take continuing education (or teach those classes) to keep a license.

    (Not to put ideas into the GMs head, but call it a bonus.)

  6. Late to the party but loved this episode. And, let’s not give Mr. J any more ‘tools’ in which to frag with the Actual Play cast. They got it hard enough 😉

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