7 thoughts on “Episode 040 – Chummer 5”

  1. Many features in Run & Gun were heavily tweaked and/or had a loose grip on reality to begin with – -10 for shooting same bullet hole is fair (it’s very diccicult but epople do it nowadays), -10 for shooting an arm or hand is silly hard. I listened to the Critical Glitch episode where the writer who wrote some of these went over his thought process, and it seemed a bit too loosely based on reality and also too free a hand from Catalyst – though I get the impression that’s their MO (would explain a lot).

  2. The illusion spell Mr J came up with is very similar to the ‘Astral Window’ spell from SR3 and SR4A (though I think that may be a detection spell back then) and the manipulation spell is same as armour spell from SR3 – the spell description mentioned it could be astral or physical depending on the version of the spell learnt, and in SR4A there was a dedicated ‘astral armour’ spell as well as ‘armour’.

  3. I agree 10000% that Catalyst missed a trick with leaving out spell design from Street Grimoire, but they’ve done the same with Run & Gun (personalised grip & some armour mods). However, a lot of SR4A is similar enough to SR5 to be compatible – especially the spell design rules form Street Magic.

  4. “They get kicked around a bit here and there.” Statement of the year. I’ve never felt like Mr. Johnson was too easy. Of the 99 problems Tiny has, Spirits are probably #1, and you’ll see that play out later as the PlayCasts drop. FYI: Mr. J is an evil, devious, manipulative Suit who often tortures the mind which is way, way worse IMHO. Bullet holes can be healed. Extreme paranoia, the kind that carries over into your other games as a result, takes ***years of therapy*** to repair.

      1. That may be the case but it is still true. I do not think all the kings horses and all the kings men plus Dr. Phil could put our mental states back together again. Mr. Johnson means business. We EARN our payday.

  5. Sadly, I do not Facebook. I’m not welcome there since the incident with the peanut oil, gausse gun, digital ouiji board, and narcoleptic chickens. But if there is anything else (legal) I can do to help out ol’ Opti I’m game.

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