Episode 039 – Knowledge Skills


In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the role of knowledge skills in Shadowrun. Plus, new listener questions and a new story!

Show Notes:

Killer futuristic city artwork: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/i-wish-i-could-live-long-enough-to-see-these-future-cit-1613533315

9 thoughts on “Episode 039 – Knowledge Skills”

  1. Sixth world Almanac got a lots of Lores. 🙂
    LOVE your podcast ! 😀
    Thuya – Republic of Québec.

  2. A lot of what you said on Knowledge Skills seems to come straight from SR3…. oh how I miss complimentary knowledge skills :o)

  3. I love the podcast. Ok so here’s the question I keep getting from my mage player. What is the new spell creation rules? I didn’t buy the new magic book because the reviews where so cool. House rules us something up please.

    Thank you both for the most enjoyable SR pod on the matrix

  4. I’ll second sixth world almanac, a great lore resource. I find my self popping into it every once and a while to get some plot ideas.

    Also loved the bit on knowledge skills, also love Johnson’s lucky edge rolls its something I’ve picked up and included in my games when folks are traveling through rough areas or even to pick a target when there is just some mook firing into the crowd.

    Keep up then great work!

  5. Things of note:
    – If you don’t love “Scratches” and “20” of the Blood Wasps, it’s time to move on.
    – Appendixes, Appendicies? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Runners love Ghouls (mostly) because they make great body disposals

  6. Okay, might seem like thread revival, but I’m catching up from the start (don’t judge me!)!

    Like rookieoh1 and Thuya said (hey! I’m also from the French Republic of Quebec), the Sixth World Almanac looks like a big old lore book! I haven’t gotten to reading yet (reading Storm Front atm), but from what I gathered, lot of sixth world knowledge in there!

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