10 thoughts on “Episode 034 – Origins Recap”

  1. The typical Name for a Male ist Max Mustermann (Muster = sample; mann = man, so the surname means more or less sample-man). For femals sometimes “Musterfrau” (aka sample-woman) is used.

    “Erika Mustermann” is the name the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printer) uses for their sample pictures for IDs etc. They Print all the official documents like driver licence,Personal ID, Passports etc. On the German wikipedia Page for “Erika Mustermann” you can even get pictures for an Personal ID (old and new), Drivers Licence and Military ID ( http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erika_Mustermann )

  2. Wait .. you guys have a podcast? 😉

    Keep up the great work! Loving the podcast and the actual play. It was a blast meeting you two at Origins!

    – Todd

  3. Nice bumper! 😉

    I love what you did to make it sound like the drek is in the vents at the arcology. With all that background noise, I was afraid it wouldn’t turn out well but you made it work.

    Was great to get to play with you!

    1. Yeah, nice bumper! 🙂 Thanks! Mr. J had fun polishing that one up. It was great to play with you too!

  4. I listened to this drop on my drive to work today. It sounds like Mr Johnson and Vox had a blast at Origins.

    BUT! Dont believe Mr Johnson when he says he has not killed any players…yet.

    Just ask him about Roland !!!

    Though.. I suppose Roland did kind of kill himself… I think we will have to debate the technicality of this one. 🙂

  5. Still listening to the podcast, but I am soo happy that you answered the Welcome to the Sixth World adventure question. I had been looking and wanted to see the adventure myself. I am hoping to go to DragonCon and sit in a Welcome event to see how it’s done. I want to write a Welcome adventure (for another game) and wanted to see how other’s do it.

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