4 thoughts on “Episode 025 – Harebrained Schemes Interview”

  1. Thanks for using a couple of my questions! As an aside, I was running a FASA Traveller adventure from 1982 this past weekend. 🙂

    One correction about Run & Gun and it’s use in Shadowrun Missions: since this will be a print book, material contained within it won’t be valid for Missions until 30 days after the announced street date for the print version. Only PDF-only products are valid 30 days after PDF release (e.g., Coyotes or Gun H(e)aven 3). See the Mission Season 5 FAQ, Page 12.

    – John A. aka Belker

    1. Very nice. 🙂

      Thanks for the correction, too. Mr. J tells me Ray Rigel sent him a correction saying the same thing. 😉

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