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  1. another hit !

    ok, here is a story for ya.

    This story is what got me inrsted in playing Shadowrun…
    Went to a friends house one night to drink some beers and hang with the fellas. When I got there (late) they were all sitting around the table playing an RPG I had never heard of “Shadowrun”. THey had apperantly just finished a job for some guy called Johnson and were delivering what ever they had gotten, stole or borrowed when an attack helocopter showed up and started blasting them. I think whoever they had borrowed from was not happy with them. THey all started ducking for cover and returning fire. One of my pals was playing a mage and decided to FIREBALL the chopper. But he didn’t just fireball it, he overcast it to like a force 10. He took a bunch of stun from the soak and then realized that he had failed an earlier perception test. The chopper blewup, and was coming down right on top of him. As he tried to scramble out of the way, he did something called a Critical Glitch and ended up catching the flaming hulk of chopper, using his face. LOL !!! I thought to myself.. I GOT TO PLAY THIS GAME !!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing episode! And what a great idea for a run! I plan to definitely steal that for a game soon. Keep up the great work

  3. This story is about the retirement of one of my favorite characters called “Flowers”, a troll rocking near max strength, and max body through natural attributes and a whole lot of Cyber, including Hand Blades. Flowers and the rest of the crew were getting ready for round two with a troll more heavily cybered than himself, and decided “Wait, I know how to make Improvised Explosives… Let’s make Anti-Troll hand grenades!” These grenades were COFFEE CANS filled with C4 and Ball Bearings! After making five of these things and starting on the sixth, two members of the crew show up and do the usual; Use a secret knock so i know it’s a friendly and then enter. This is the time where the GM calls for a Demolitions roll. Nine dice are rolled, and I get ALL ONES. The two guys entering hear something they have never heard me say before. “Uh-Oh…” Followed by six of these things going off in a Low Lifestyle quality apartment.
    After all is said and done i’m ripped to shreds but BARELY alive and on my way via DocWagon to Seattle’s finest Hospital, one of my crew is dead, the other is almost dead and permanently deafened, and my apartment complex is missing a back wall.
    We all agreed that Flowers was effectively dead.

    1. Wow – I’d say that’s a good story detailing why it’s important to have more than a few dice in a skill… but nine dice… Wow. Just… wow. Guess it was meant to be. 🙂

  4. Animals with cyberware are detailed on page 220 of SR2, and mentioned in passing in shadowtalk in the NeoAnarchist Guide to Real Life. Whenever a cybered critter is ordered to do something by its handler, roll a d6. If you equal or exceed the essence of the critter it turns on the handler. The shadowtalk suggested that while this makes them unusable in conjunction with security guards it doesn’t stop you from letting them roam free in some sort of enclosed area where nobody is permitted in the first place.

    1. Thanks for the reference – I’ll have to look that up. I’m pretty sure we have the NeoAnarchist Guide to Real Life (*pulls up to the dusty shelves of SR3 books*).

  5. I know that you said a name generator, but it seems that Mr. Johnson said it to fast for me to register what it was, what is it please and thanks.

  6. Really enjoyed this. Thanks for making it. Just starting shadowrun and this made me feel a lot better about my prep

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