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Episode 006 – The Street Samurai: Shadowrunner Dossier #1

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson delve into the character archetype of the Street Samurai, including what Street Sams do, how to create them, and some roleplaying tips. Also included: a new Critter Corner segment and another listener submitted story.

Show notes:

  • The CritCon website
  • Convention schedule
  • From the website, here is the event description:
  • “CritCon is the first annual gaming convention hosted by the CriticalGlitch podcast. It is a day of gaming to help your fellow man, as admission is only a donation to the Mid Ohio Food Bank. The convention opens at 9:00 AM and goes until 7:00 PM. Come out and play some games and help those in need. The mid Ohio Food Bank is always in need of supplies here is a list of their most commonly needed items. For each non perishable item brought for the Mid Ohio Food Bank, including the five requested for admission you will be given a ticket. Tickets can be redeemed during any Shadowrun game at CritCon to add 1 additional die to any roll. There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be redeemed during the event.”

Episode 005 – Payday: Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 4

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson provide useful advice for surviving the completion of a run, including what to do when your employer decides to geek you. Also included: a new Shadowrun Returns module review, another listener submitted story, and a brand new segment.

Episode 004 – The Run: Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 3

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the means of conducting a shadowrun, specifically various approaches to consider: when to keep it quiet and when to break out the big guns. Come for the discussion, stay for the first listener-submitted runner story!

Episode 003 – The Legwork: Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 2

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson explore the legwork phase of a shadowrun, including the gathering of information and the formulation of plans. Also included: Our first Shadowrun Returns module review!

Some show notes:

In this episode, we cover how you can manually install Shadowrun Returns modules. Here are the addresses we talked about:
PC: \Users\(your user name)\Appdata\Local\Harebrained Schemes\Shadowrun Returns\ContentPacks\
Mac: \Users\(your user name)\Library\Application Support\Harebrained Schemes\Shadowrun Returns\ContentPacks

Also, here’s the URL to find the “From the Shadows, Run” modules Act I and parts 1 and 2 of Act II:


Episode 002 – The Meet: Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 1

In which your hosts Vox and Mr. Johnson begin a four-part series about the anatomy of a Shadowun. This series begins with an exploration of “The Meet”, which is often how a Shadowrun begins.

Show Notes (Thank you to listener SpitDawg for compiling these notes for us!):


0:00:00 Episode 002


0:00:32 Last of the Shadowrun 5th Edition hardcopy preorders are scheduled to ship

0:00:41 Shadowrun 5th Edition PDF is the highest selling product on DrivethruRPG (affiliate link)

0:01:03 Shadowrun Returns: Berlin downloadable content slated for January release

Main Topic

0:02:50 Anatomy of a Shadowrun Part 1: The Meet

0:03:25 Three Primary Goals

Get as much information as you possibly can.

Get as much nuyen out of your employer as possible

Establish as many safeguards as possible for getting paid

0:05:03 Who is Mr. Johnson?

0:08:00 What questions to ask.

Is that the best you can do?

Is there any additional information you have about this job?

How do we contact you?

How much nuyen up front?

What gear can you provide?

0:12:49 Instill apprehension to double-cross.

0:13:48 Negotiate the terms of the next meeting.

Who will be at the meet?

What should you be looking for?

When is the meet?

Where will it be held?

How will you be paid?

Escrow Account

Fixer holds the money

0:16:00 Know when to walk away.

Game Master should prepare for a group to turn down a run.

Contingency runs.

Do not railroad players to take jobs.

0:21:54 Other Considerations



0:23:18 Equipment Considerations

Concealed Weapons

White Noise Generator

Bug Scanner

Camera (Cybereyes)

Story Time

0:26:20 Lim Dul the Necromancer

Magic the Gathering Picture


0:32:42 Send Feedback


Email contact at the arcology podcast.


Review on iTunes:

0:33:45 Music by Prism Shard

0:33:50 Disclaimer

Episode 001 – Into the Shadows

In which your hosts Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the cyberpunk fantasy roleplaying game Shadowrun, introducing new players to the world, and whetting long-time Shadowrun fans’ appetites for the newly-released fifth edition of the game!

Show Notes:

(Thanks to listener SpitDawg for the breakdown of the episode!)  

[NOTE: We did a little editing in 2015 to cut down on the dead air in this episode, so the breakdown didn’t quite line up anymore.  The content is still there, but the timestamps have changed.]


Episode 001


Year of Shadowrun

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Online

Shadowrun Crossfire

Hostile Takeover

Sprawl Gangers

Main Topic

What is Shadowrun?

Story Time

NV Elf Mage & Sun Tzu Mage


Send Feedback

Music by Prism Shard