6 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 214 – Passing On”

  1. So picture this: Me, sitting in my vehicle outside my job, windows down, listening to the podcast. Place yourself in the shoes of the unsuspecting coworker not far away. Suddenly you hear “ Frag ya, you double crossing cyborg!!” Followed by a few moments later, “Oh dream Kit get the frag outta there,”. Then I make the awkward eye contact as they look at me like I’ve lost my mind, screaming at my dashboard to something they can’t hear. Man I love this show. I can’t even begin to describe how edge of my seat I am right now (possibly even more so than when Haze decided to play skeet shooting using his body as the targets. Three cheers, mad props, thanks for making me feel like I was in danger!!!!

  2. This just in. Mr. Johnson is trying to kill all the characters…

  3. And the moral of today’s Shadowrun? Probably that if your contact’s loyalty droos you should discreetly do unto them before they do unto you.

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