8 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 176 – Downtime Drama”

  1. Haze is becoming increasingly draconic. Planing for the future with bureaucratic paperwork and starting his Hoard with a nice 401K nest egg.

    Also excited for what I hope to be round two with Lucifer.

  2. Somehow, I see Haze buying a bunch of things like Hook, Cross Arms, BlasTech, ArmorAdder, and maybe Ares in his 401Q. er…K. And the next time Haze meets the group, I hope he doesn’t have a tie. (Although a clip on tie on his armor jacket and a pair of horn rim fake glasses might be funny…)

  3. Really glad you guys left in the out-take between Vox & Ken (as players). Listening to the “fight” was getting pretty uncomfortable: Like being ringside for a bad breakup between to friends! 🙂 R.I.P. ‘Kit-zi’!

  4. I love the dynamic interactions that you all have, I both runtime and the downtime. I’ve known a few GMs and players who like to just blow by that ad leave it by the wayside, but it makes such an awesome part of the story as a whole. Kudos as always, keep it up.

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