7 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 151 – Unbearable Assault”

  1. Maverick deserves a “pre-emptive surgery” discount on those Delta-grade cyberarms he’s been saving up for.

  2. I’ve got to hand it to you, ya really took the gloves off for that combat Mr Johnson.

  3. How much editing was needed to cut out the groaning when Mr. J asked Maverick to make an Unarmed Combat roll?

    (And sorry to hear about your trauma.)

  4. Getting around to these a bit late (Late August 2017). Stellar episode! I was particularly impressed with the sound effects with this and the next few episodes.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

    1. Woops, I ment to post this on the episode “The Duel”. Still catching up to this one.

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