9 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 127 – Carl Brenner”

  1. And here i was thinking that mr. J was going to start cracking down on kenji’s technoshenanigans 😉

    A vtol travelling approximately 3,720 miles an hour is both breaking the laws of physics, and entirely badass.

    1. A street ganger that gets his stabity vengence on a corp suit leader of magic cyborgs, while flying in a dragon and becoming a dragon – that’s what breaks the laws and is entirely badass. And he gets to keep his friends!

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, whenever anyone asks me why shadowrun is so awesome/why i love it so much im linking this episode from now on!

  2. Well, Haze survived his trip in an Ares Dragon better than I did…. And where’s the notoriety for buzzing the Space Needle?

    (Muchas props for the role play chops, too! I’m going to have to double check some work i did while listening!)

  3. So how much Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness would someone accrue if they wore a cowboy hat chaps and duster while flying a drake around the space needle smoking a stogy and shooting off Warhawks like party favors?

  4. Wow, what a momentous episode. I’ve been hoping Kit doesn’t go toxic, but I have a bad feeling about that.

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