3 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 114 – New Friends & Old Enemies”

  1. [Exterior, Redmond Barrens, street gang turf, evening]

    Tiny barrels jerkily down the blasted rock-crete roadway past the burnt, bullet riddled corpses of buldings.

    [David Attenborough speaks gently over the scene]

    “Here we get a good glimpse of, in what is more or less its natural habitat, the common criminal troll; Homo Sapiens Ingentis Sinlessii. The troll’s movements appear eratic, however this is common for the subtype given its propensity for drunkeness.”

    [Tiny staggers rapidly over to a rusted out dumpster in an adjacent alley and pukes mightily into it]

    “Given the color of the vomitus, this one has also ingested numerous other substances in a volume which would likely be fatal for half a dozen adult humans. The common troll seeks sustenance in the manner of all large bodied predators, seeking one winfall kill at a time, and subsisting off of the carcass for days or even weeks until the next kill can be made.”

    [The hastily repaired walls of the stuffed shack surrender instantly as the drug crazed hypertrog plows through the wall not bothering with the door like a mere mortal, sending two bit gangers and gutterpunks fleeing the scene]

    “Unfortunately for this one he has been rather greedy and has exhausted the carcass of his prey rather more rapidly than is wise”

    [Cut to a shot of massive cyberarms hauling open beer freezers and flailing around madly inside hoping to encounter a surviving case of booze]

    “While it is likely that the Ingentis may survive for perhaps even a weeks without its drugs of choice, nearly none ever choose to tough it out that long, and will find a source out of sheer boredom if nothing else.”

    [A cowering store clerk is lifted off his feet as a shiny limb pulverizes the thick glass in front of him and drags him up by the ragged collar of a vending machine t-shirt. He cowers and shakes as the incoherent mountain of a troll holding him alternates back and forth between a rambling mutter and a rattling bellow]

    “The only hope for any of the less durable races in the vicinity of the Ingentis thus deprived is to immediately provide the troll with that which it desires, or to flee with whatever means are at their disposal, and hope to escape its notice.”

    “This has been Planet Earth 2.0”

    -listening to tiny’s excitable rampage had me smiling. I couldn’t stop thinking what a good opportunity this episode would be for a sixth world nature special featuring the team

  2. I don’t think an episode goes by that I’m not very impressed with Haze’s player’s (Carleton?) good roleplaying and character interaction. Player and character are consummate professionals, even when it really, really hurts. That said, did Haze/Haze’s player forget that Juan the Johnson called Haze and tried to set up a meet just as the ghoul hunt was kicking off?

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