5 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 107 – Molly”

  1. “I stand back up and draw my g—-”

    No kid! No!!! You have so much to live for!

    Thats the closest ive ever come to having a panic attack while listening to a podcast haha

  2. At some point (at around 34:45 minutes) Mr. J mentions them assaulting the Vory a month and a half ago. Did I miss that? Last I remember them doing was the Bikini Bottom job.

    1. Ah, just saw the comment on Facebook, where it’s mentioned this was the run you guys did at Gencon and put on youtube.

      Right there was Limdul in there, I totally had forgotten about that one. Might have to watch it again.

      Here’s the link to part 1 of that run for anyone else who’s wondering: https://youtu.be/s8Eogvj6-BA

  3. If it’s not too spoiler-riffic, can you let us know how Mr. Johnson’s proposed house rule on Diagnostics has worked in practice?

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