5 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 088 – Notoriety”

  1. Getting rid of street cred to pay off notoriety seems to be a way to roleplay shedding your identity not just a mechanism to get rid of notoriety.

    1. I agree. It shouldn’t be enough to simply say you’re reducing notoriety by reducing street cred. Players should be expected to give an in-game explanation as to how they are laying low.

  2. One way is to get a good videographer to alter the videos to show someone else committed the crime. Or, if you have really deep pockets you can bribe a high level Pawn to “prove” you didn’t do it with a bogus investigation. Really deep pockets – or possibly a very special, possibly not runner community approved favor like dropping a dime on somebody or a run for the Pawns. More likely just drop from the Seattle scene for a few years – like a decade or so.

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