11 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 087 – Enrique”

  1. Did that guy imply Fragwire is dead or just no longer doing combat biking?

    1. He implied Fraguire was a has-been in the combat biking circuit. Equivalent to his kicking a puppy. 🙂

  2. That’s a sweet deal for Enríque. If the team succeeds, he gets to collect the Mcguffin. If it fails, he can lay claim to the bounty – for which the team only has his word is put on hold. Plus he has a shot at both. In any case the mission may mean jerking a dragon’s tail or worse. And once again the “safe” house fails.

  3. Is it just me or are the actual play episodes getting shorter and shorter… I think Mr. J is messing with my head..

    Don’t you guys have like a nearly a year’s worth of actual play saved up?

    1. So I am still not clear on what Tiny did to get on the bad side of the Aztechs in the first place. I know he was the target of the blood mage and company during all of that, but what did he do to get such a big bounty on him?

      1. We don’t know precisely what happened, only that Tiny did some Very Bad Things to people while he was in the country. And we only know that from the backstory his player shared with us.

        1. I recalled him saying something about a “Scorched Earth” campaign….

    2. We have over a year’s worth saved up. The process goes like this: Mr. J picks up the session recording(s), which are often around four hours long, and cuts out most of the dead air. Then he takes the audio and listens to it during his commutes to and from work. He tries to find a good stopping point–aiming for roughly 40-ish minutes most times–and edits the rest of the segment into an episode. Sometimes the episode or action calls for a longer stretch; sometimes he’s too busy during a week to get anything other than the 40-ish-minute-long segment ready. It’s going to vary, but we try to avoid messing with heads in the editing. That’s a job for the game. 🙂

  4. Ahh i wonder if Haze will grab the artifact again 😮 Enjoy listening to the podcasts! Thanks for sharing the runs!

  5. I think Maverick should have “Spoken to him in the ways of his people” (shoot him in the FACE!)


  6. To bad that Maverick didn’t ask frank to deliver Enrique to the gouls that kept him as a guest during the first blood Mage run. Kill two birds with one stone

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