6 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 070 – Showdown Downtown”

  1. Entertainment value as good as any television show on the air, but waiting a whole week between episodes is killing me. Please keep the Shadowrun goodness coming.

    1. Thanks! We will do everything we can to keep the Actual Play episodes coming every week (sorry, we can’t possibly release them more often!). And I anticipate we’ll be getting the regular episodes back on track in the next week, too!

  2. I can’t believe firing that cannon from inside the van didn’t squirt their brains out their nostrils. The must have top notch ear pro. And O.M.G. the potential collateral damage. If Runners had publicists they’d hang themselves.

    BTW, if you’re jones’n for live play more try the Complex Action channel on YouTube. Or you can drop some Nuyen on Patreon for the Lone Star actual play.

  3. Took another look at some relevant rules in the Street Grimoire after listening. Nasty stuff.

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