3 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 064 – Dangerous Downtime”

  1. well that escalated quickly .. mr johnson seems to have a knack for waiting till that moment when everyone is perfectly comfortable to drop the hammer.

  2. My first thought on Kenji’s cash hack Resonance Veil was that he should also have to beat a threshold of 1 per X amount of nuyen or he’d set off alarms.

  3. The cash hack sounds great. But they shouldn’t have bought the protection. Once the store manager realizes he’s out over 2000 Nuyen he’s gonna blame Kenji no matter what. 13 Nuyen isn’t going to be an issue or fool anyone (especially if it’s a slow day). They can cover that. But the data trails on where the drone goes can be tracked to the user – Kenji. And readily accessible data trails on your drones ain’t a good thing. If the drone ever goes to say, a restricted area, that store manager’s gonna drop a dime on the party in a nano second.

    And I saw the grand cannery Bat Cave compromise coming a mile away. All that Nuyen wasted…

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