Actual Play Episode 061 – Maverick’s Final Moments

Actual Play LogoIn which the team kills time at the Vancouver Botanical Garden, where the diversity of the local flora stuns Haze. The team then goes to the meet to deliver Alison and get paid. Predictably, things go wrong and we witness Maverick’s final moments.


8 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 061 – Maverick’s Final Moments”

  1. The Arcology Actual Play – Sponsored by the Anchorage Tourist Bureau.

  2. It’s good to see that Marvin got a new job after that Hitchhiker Series ended. Hopefully he sees fit to consider Maverick’s condition challenging enough to his processing power to render first aid.

  3. Oh boy, definitely going to have the Arcology withdrawal shakes untill this cliffhanger is resolved.

  4. Out, rifle, and wound
    The pap of Maverick-
    Ay, that left pap
    Where heart doth hop.
    Thus I die, thus, thus, thus.
    Now I am dead.
    Now I am fled.
    My soul is in the sky.
    Tongue, lose thy light.
    Moon, take thy flight.

    Now die, die, die, die, die!

  5. Thought this was ruined for me since I saw the YouTube Actually Play and knew that someone survived a year later, but the moment came and I couldn’t contain my reaction. Still can’t wait to see how they get out of this.

  6. Was worried for a moment…. then I wondered why nobody brought up this gem. (Sorry about the quality… my usual computer is out of commission, and I’m doing homework on a poor substitute… best I could find on short notice.) (Appropriate moment starts around 59:20.)

    1. And the specific moment is closer to 1:01:52. (Again, sorry about the quality.)

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