9 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 039 – Corporate Spy”

  1. I really enjoy these freeform interludes. It’s nice to see how the characters grow outside of the actual runs.

    Have to say, anyone who listened to Hidden Grid will know that Dan has “form” (as we say in the UK) regarding new characters. It’ll be interesting to see what has grabbed his attention this time!

  2. Made the mistake of listening to this at work. I had a very hard time not laughing out loud, and nearly sprayed tea all over my computer a couple times. Can’t wait to hear more!

    1. Same boat here – in a very quiet office. I was absolutely dying! 🙂

  3. Combat and magic is all well and good, but it’s sessions like these that make me want to just run like, a high school domestic simulation using shadowrun rules. Roll Negotiation to convince your mom to let you stay out past curfew! Moose is challenging you to a drag race, roll Pilot Groundcraft to save face! Oh no! You slept in! Roll running to make it to school on time!

  4. I like the regular episodes, but these scenes just make me love the actual plays. 😉

  5. Best episode yet! The interplay between Mr. Johnson, Kenji and Kit is amazing.

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