9 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 036 – Eye of the Drekstorm”

  1. I feel as though I recognize the names of the other runner team, from something other than this actual play. Were they from an old run Mr. Johnson did? Or a Shadowrun Missions game?

    1. Mr. Johnson mentioned that he has / had a tiger shapeshifter as a runner. Might be an old team.

      Anyways, great podcast as always.

  2. Did a bunch stuff happen on your forum between the previous session and this one, or am I missing something? I realize it was a long time ago for you guys, but I went back and re-listened to the end of the previous actual play episode and there is no mention of many seemingly significant events that come up – Re: Maverick, The Kid’s anonymous tip, and group in-fighting.

    1. Yeah, I had the same thought. Was it just an in-game explanation for Mav’s player being unable to make it to this session? Maybe the tip-off happened in their chat while the escape in the van was being said out loud.

      1. If you look back a ways (might have even been a few months) mr. J drops hints about mavericks player not having been around for the session. The actual context is something like “he wasnt around for that session so we said he had wandered off in the barrens on his own and i asked him if he would be okay with becoming a ghoul when he came back”

    2. Yes, you are correct and I apologize for forgetting to post it. Check out the newly updated Stories pages on our website for the details….

  3. If only you all knew how tough and absolutely InSaNe it gets. Mr. J is a sadist.

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