8 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 034 – Drekstorm, Part 2”

  1. No Spoilers, but wow! That was great fun to listen to.

    Thanks for another great podcast. Really wish they were longer as I get totally absorbed, almost to the point of imagining I was there playing. (Not a complaint, just me being greedy!)

    1. Couldn’t agree more chummer, we need longer actual plays!!!! Like 2 hours! :oD

  2. I have to admit, at that little touch of Mav’s with the Cowboy Hat, I actually almost teared up a little. Dang runners, with the feels!

    1. I was tearing up a bit when I was typing it. Not an easy choice I was making. Had to compose myself when Roland called me out and asked me to read it out loud. It is amazing how a piece of paper with numbers on it can become someone you really care about.

  3. Ouch. But since Mr. Johnson always says that death is the easy option, I have hope for some of the characters. 🙂

  4. Great podcast as always! And the person I feel for most is (aside from Aurora…. holy crap what a first run …..) Mr Johnson. As a player/GM for over a decade I’ve seen this kinda thing several times, and as a GM I look at my ‘baddies’ sheet of stat blocks and inwardly cry. And I know how you feel Maverick, they become real people to us, even your audience! :o) Keep it up you guys, can’t wait for the next one!!!

  5. Really glad I just found these…binging and I don’t have to wait until the next podcast drops. Like another commenter mentioned…it’s almost like I am playing.
    Side note…nice to hear another female player. Like Vox was, I am usually the lone female at the table with my long-running game group.

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