7 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 033 – Drekstorm, Part 1”

  1. Just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know that I just recently found your podcast after getting re-interested in Shadowrun after quite a few years away. Unfortunately I don’t have time or a group to be able to be in a game myself, so I have been living vicariously through your Actual Play sessions over the last week or so. Thank you for publishing those, and curse you for the horrible cliffhanger at the end of this episode!

  2. Yay, I am happy we finally get to the fabled “drekstorm” episodes you have been talking about on the podcast. Very excited to hear the continuation of this, the set-up is quite enthralling.
    Also, Kenji has become quite a beast in the matrix.
    Looking forwards to part 2!

  3. Oh, that was a mean ending. Just waiting for next session everything goes perfectly fine, and the total mess happens as the team celebrates at the post-run party. Tiny chokes on some cake, Kit accidentally stabs herself with her weapon focus, Kenji’s mom drops the hammer on “Mr. Park” for working her son too hard, Hayes gets eaten by a dragon, and 87 Shedim pop out of the closet to shred Aurora. Kenji and Maverick survive to go on a whirlwind tour of pawn shops. And Fraguar, due to sheer bloody luck, wins the lotto and retires.

        1. Yeah each AA or higher has one now, as do most sovereign nations. You gotta give the wageslaves some hope dude :o)

  4. Absolutely wicked “Cliff” hanger. I love the podcast, caught you with Bobby as Elric and has to find more actual play you were involved with. Excellent job keeping this wild group of players in line, and making a great story. Just curious, are you all rolling dice on camera, or using the honor system? Not questioning, just trying to figure out logistics, cause this makes me wanna play Shadowrun through tech!!

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