14 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 020 – Retribution”

  1. It got a little dark at the end….a little uncomfortable….you’re scaring the straights….lol. Great Job.

  2. Awesome episode. I love listening to these, you all do a great job. It helps to satisfy my desire to play. I run a bi-weekly game, so I get to inflict Shadowrun on my players, but its not the same as playing. So please, keep up the good work. Listening to the games is almost like playing alongside.

  3. Oh how I wish I was there, I’ve been known to equip my characters with cheap whiskey, toothpicks, a belt sander and a blowtorch. Yes I have made a GM vomit in the past :oD

  4. Ouch, Maverick is a pretty scary psychopath – and the rest of the gang isn’t exactly strawberry icecream either. Great episode, and poor Kenji(‘s mom)! Really love her presence and the tiny episodes in Tacoma-Gang-Suburbia. Kudos, Mr. J.

  5. Wow did someone’s cat come up to the Mic near the end? I glanced over my left shoulder before I remembered I’m not at home.

    All n all though, fun episode. Always interesting to see players get vengeful. (Though this is why you don’t give players prisoners)

  6. like the live play sessions. Have you considered having the players post their characters? I would love to see the mystic cheese goodness that is Maveric’s build.

    1. We’ve thought about it and have been asked, but everyone’s characters are in different media (paper, cloud, etc.). Plus, everyone is in a different part of the country – it isn’t really possible at this point, unfortunately.

  7. Have listend to every episode, and have goten to the poitn where I gotta post somthing…

    I feel like you have a really solid group of players here, and have some really great roleplayers to boot…with one exception, Maverick. His character is completly unbelivable, his backstory comes of as more of an “excuse” to have minmaxed stats. He has a Logic of 1, but he sure as hell dosent play like he does. I activly cheer when he gets his tail kicked. He claimed in his interview with Mr. Johnson that he plays in support of the other characters, but I don’t really see it. A great example I would use, He gets embarassed at that diner, and starts shooting up the place in the middle of the other characters tryign to roleplay a bit. How is that the actions of someon with a good intuition? It’s not.

    And I’m pretty sure Remington Roomsweepers don’t use Heavy pistol Skill, unless that is a houserule ya’ll are using.

    Much love to the rest of the team, they are a solid group. I hope I can stand to keep listening to the podcast, I guess one of my main motivations will be seeign Maverick get humiliated or killed, hopefully he wont drag the rest of the team down with him.

    1. The Remington Roomsweeper, being a heavy pistol, uses the Pistols skill – even though when using shot rounds, the Shotgun rules (i.e., choke settings) apply.

      It’s too bad you don’t care for the character. The player is a stand-up guy and a lot of fun to roleplay with, and I think that translates well into the multitude of quotable moments Maverick has given us so far.

      Regardless of your motivations, I hope you continue to enjoy the game.

      1. I thought the roomsweeper was a shotgun that used shotgun rules BUT pistol ranges. no idea if it changed in 5e

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