6 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 016 – Runners vs. Runners”

  1. This was the episode that I really discovered the chat interface we had. The dinging you are hearing is us joking and plotting in the chat window. Later on Mr. Johnson figures out how to disable the ding noise. So blame the dinging on me for not knowing how to shut up. 🙂

  2. To be honest, one of the major plus points over SR4 was the introduction of the mandatory commlink and the ability to network everything together so it means you don’t have to worry about metagaming – I no longer need to worry about Player A reacting to something his/her character doesn’t know but happened at the table. And as a player is makes things so much easier, especially with Image Link and Sound link (or just a Sim module and datajack :o)). So to me, I’d much rather you guys did it verbally, since you probably would be in real life and I think it adds to the feel of being ‘around the table’ with you all. But I also appreciate it does delay things somewhat when you’re discussing a combat strategy :o) But yes, the dinging is annoying :o)

  3. Good news on the dinging. This was a fun one to listen to. It is nice to finally see something actually challenge the runners.

  4. I’ve been re-listening to these and I just realized if I am not mistaken this is the same runner group Mr. J has Maverick’s contact describe to them as hot heads back during the initial run.

    The Ork was Razorboy if I recall.

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