10 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 015 – Best Laid Plans”

    1. Thanks! Although you’re going to find loads of wrong calls all throughout the games (we run pretty loose, if you hadn’t noticed πŸ™‚ ), in this case I can safely say the addition of LOG wouldn’t have been a huge boon to Maverick. πŸ˜‰

      1. LOL, fair point. I point it out only because resistance rolls changed from SR4. Granted, it ends up not mattering enough to average people (6 dice vs. 3 dice)…or to those shadowrunners who dumpstat their mental attributes. πŸ™‚

          1. Logic is only one measure of intelligence. Regardless I treat dump stats like dump stats. I will not put a 2 in a dump stat to appease my peers when statistically it nets people nearly the same success rate on tasks as a 1. ie. failure. Judge a character by his accomplishments not your perceptions on his abilities based off of a numerical indicator. Maverick fails most logic related tasks but he knows his strengths and does not pursue logic related ventures. This holds true for the other 99% of combat focused characters that are made in this game. I take the more pragmatic and honest approach and the mechanics of the game enforce it.

  1. Was wondering why the whole ‘floating invisible Maverick’ thing as opposed to astral recon of the house. Just wondered :o) Was fun to hear of Mr Crispy though :o)

    1. Astral recon would not have been able to identify any tech. But a floating invisible Maverick could. πŸ™‚

      1. Gotta disagree, anything as processed as a commlink should appear as especially ‘null’ in astral (always used too). And even if not, can still find out how many people are in the building before doing anything regarding a floating invisible Maverick :o) Would take maybe a Combat Turn, always wise to do before anything else.

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