18 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 014 – Bloody Red Herring”

  1. Wow talk about going easy on the guy…. last time a PC I was playing tortured a guy I made the GM vomit :oD I thought Mr J was gonna take it that direction though, kinda SOP really :o)

  2. Every team needs a ghoul or twenty on retainer :o) The ghouls in my old campaign used to pay 50 nuyen (tossing the finger to the old bounty on ghouls) a corpse, my 2k karma team kept a den of about 20 ghouls in food :oD

    1. Frank ‘The Ghoul’ has been quite a handy resource. We end up keeping in touch on a number of occasions down the road….

      1. In my campaign, the non-feral one was ‘Michael Caine’ and did speak with a bit of an ‘east end’ twang :o) As I said, his ‘colony’ grew to about 20 ferals plus maybe 3 other non-ferals (one of whom was a vehicle adept – they collected :o)).

  3. Oh sweet ep by the way, can’t wait for more!!! In fact, can you post 2 a week please? *flashes toothy grin* :o)

  4. Yeah, kind of unpleasant. Maverick being a cold blooded murderer is one thing. But then selling off the corpses and stealing the cyber seems pretty despicable.

    1. That’s life in the Shadows, chummer: Waste not want not, it’s all about the (6th world version of ‘The Benjamin’s), hell-hound-eat-hell-hound, you know – Survival of the fittest.

    2. Shadowrunners at their core are hardened killers and theives who perform many illicit activites without question in exchange for compensation. It is not very big of a stretch to add cyber snatching to that list. Desecrating bodies is a cultural taboo but I think it should fall behind murdering people for the crime of doing their jobs (ie. Security or police) which is common in these games. As I am well aware of the taboo I did talk with the other players beforehand to see how they felt on the subject and the consensus was it was a grim but practical.

    3. Previous editions have tried to get away from the D&D mentality of ‘always loot the corpses!!!’ but no matter how much the books decry it, players will do it. As a GM, I quickly learnt to not put anything on an NPC I didn’t want the players to grab (surprised as how much these guys are selling and not keeping to be honest, especially weapons), and even then sometimes I’d tell the players it was slightly less powerful (foci and major electronics/vehicles mainly) when they added it to their sheets. And as a player, you’re always looking for more money, more toys, more edge (not the stat), so why not make most of this resource which you will keep generating as a part of doing your jobs.
      I would never sell corpsec bodies or anything like that, I’d leave them where they land – as Maverick pointed out above it would piss of Knight Errant or whichever corp’s turf you’re on if you stole corpses. But gangers, scum and syndicate enforcers are all fair game – as are other runners and the occasional cop :o)
      Oh and don’t forget, forensic sciences are much more advanced in the 6th world, but no body still largely means no case for the cops :o)

    4. As for recovering cyberware, any street sam will tell you the majority of his/her money goes into implants. Recovering bioware would be difficult (but used to be stated as possible to ghouls/tanamous) but cyberware should be relatively easy. Where do you think all that used cyberware comes from….

  5. In my game, the group got away will selling one corpse for parts. The second corpse started leading Lone Star to them, so they dumped that body on the side of the road. Any more, and they will start to earn a little notoriety for it, and the corporate “owners” of the people they have sold may just trace them through their organ legger.

    1. That is the sound TeamSpeak makes when someone chats in our chat window. Sorry if it’s distracting or annoying – we eventually turned the notifications off while recording, but it will be a very long time before we get to the episodes without them.

  6. Wait. Wasn’t shoeless guy named Frank too? Gasp! He was a ghoul in disguise! He slunk off, got some boots, and returned in his true form! Or I misremembered the name of the crazy shoeless guy.

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