9 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 003 – Hazard Pay”

  1. Great adventure, turns out it was a milk run :o) How the techno got 14 dice for an attack on the fly as a starting character is somewhat interesting though. And there’s a big chunk of silence in the middle of the podcast.

    1. Easy, hack on the fly is Hacking+Logic.

      Start off with 6 logic, 6 hacking, then you are in hot sim (+2 dice)

      THen you can have the Code slinger quality witch gives you a +2 dice for any single matrix action (hack on the fly).

      Then you can have the Aptitude wuality so you start with 7 Logic in stead of 6.

      THen you can have a Hacking specialization (hack on the fly) for another +2 dice.

      So it looks like you could start with a skill of 19.

    2. Thanks! It looks like the dice question was answered 🙂 – not sure what’s going on with the silence you mentioned. There definitely wasn’t a chunk of silence in the file we uploaded. Hmm.. I’ll have to listen to it.

  2. The silence is around the 16 minute mark, if I recall. Probably an editing/timeline cur-fuff-el.

    Waijhou, you can actually get up to 21 dice for Hack on the Fly at character creation, if you’re really min-maxing for it. Don’t forget a Cerebral Booster 2 to boost your Logic from 7 to 9. Though this is super specialized, being able to go for 3 marks with Hack on the Fly (a -10 modifier) at character creation is pretty cool.

    1. TO be honest, I haven’t even looked at the cyber wear possibilities…but I think I like it 🙂
      Now I am going to have to check into it !!

  3. I realise its been a while since this aired, but how the heck did Kenji get an initiative of 31 (around 20:30)???

    1. That would have been his Matrix initiative (INT + Data Processing + 4d6). He went full VR just before the big chunk of silence @ the 16 minute mark.

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