8 thoughts on “Episode 011 – The Face: Shadowrunner Dossier #6”

  1. Fox again. 😉

    Enjoyed the last episode. Regarding Interesting Characters … I am going to play a punk-ish decker/face with prejudice against these corp-bastards and wage slaves. I’ll certainly to enjoy the first time he has to negotiate with a corporate Johnson. At least until the Johnson wants to frag us badly.

    Sidenote: are you sure that Tailored Pheromones can not be purchased during character creation? As far as I can see, they can have a maximum availibilty of 12R, as standard ‘ware. That’s exactly the normal gear restriction limit.


    1. Thanks for the great post!

      You are absolutely correct about Tailored Pheromones and their availability. I’m not sure where I got the idea the availability was too high to start with. We’ll have to issue a correction on the next episode.

      Thanks for pointing that out!

      And don’t be too hard on those poor corporate Johnsons. Everybody’s got to make a living, neh?

      -Mr. Johnson

  2. Thanks for the heads-up about Tim’s Engagement. It’s been a while since Critical Glitch had posted anything. Nice to know the reason for the delay is a happy one.

  3. Hey guys! Loving the podcast! Just found out about you guys this week and ended up blowing through the episodes in the space of a couple days. I have a couple requests, if you’d be so kind as to oblige.

    1) I really enjoyed the contact segment – any chance we could get a show notes page on the feed here with the background & information?

    2) Some podcasts, such as The d6 Generation, do a breakdown of the episode on their post along with timestamps of when each segment of the show begins. Not saying that you need the timestamps (their show is 4 hours long – it’s a little more critical if you’re looking for something in particular!) but a quick summary of the segments included. If there’s a critter on critter corner that you discuss, put which critter you’re talking about.

    Again, your show is great. The audio quality (barring when Mr. Johnson moves away from the mic or does actions that don’t translate to audio well…) is great and the content really fills a need that other shadowrun podcasts aren’t structured to cover well. Thanks for the shows! Shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never break wind at a dragon!


    1. Thanks, Hawk! You’ve got some great ideas there… we’ll see what we can do! 😉
      “Never break wind at a dragon,” I’ve never heard that one before. Excellent advice! 🙂

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