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Episode 139 – Cyberpunk Audio Dramas

Show Notes:

Extra Life Shadowrun Living Community 2019 Streaming Event: 10/25 – 11/3

Runnerhub, A Light in the Dark, Seattle 2080, Shadowrun Indy, Anarchist Central, Anarchy Incorporated, and ShadowHaven Join Forces to Raise Money for Sick Kids with a week of Shadowrun activities for Extralife.

October 25th through November 3rd, seven living communities will be raising money for sick kids through Extra Life. We’ll be kicking off with a 160 hour or more marathon Shadowrun content, spread across our community streams. Proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles, Riley Children’s Hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Children’s National Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

To encourage donations, we have a raffle! For every dollar you donate to Extra Life you’ll be given one ticket. These tickets will be entered into a raffle at the end of the stream, and winners will be able to win art from Ethan S Brewerton Illustrations.


The original Shadowrun Living Community on reddit.

  • Playing for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – DONATE!
A Light in the Dark

Shadowrun with balanced rules and unbalanced nice people.

  • Playing for Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center – DONATE!
Seattle 2080

Seattle 2080, just a few months shy of our first birthday, formed out of the remnants of another lost LC that was more focused on teaching and providing games for new runners. But we evolved and now every run seems to be a mega-high threat run. An interesting cast of GMs and players, we attempt to run with as few modifications to the books and rules as necessary.

  • Playing for Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles – DONATE!
Shadowrun Indy

A Discord-created Shadowrun community born out of Indiana as a hub for local players. It soon turned into a large community full of like-minded Shadowrunners from all over the globe for games, campaigns, and even non-Shadowrun content to play together.

  • Playing for Riley Children’s Hospital – DONATE!
Anarchist Central

A Shadowrun 5th edition living community focused on the lighter side of hooding and well-meaning anarchists.

  • Playing for Seattle Children’s Hospital – DONATE!
Anarchy Incorporated

A 5th Edition Shadowrun Living Community set in sunny Calfree that has a heavy story focus and a healthy blend of neo-anarchy and ruthless corporate mercenary play style. As an LC we are committed to being a place of inclusion, creativity, and diversity even though the 6th World is not.

  • Playing for Children’s National Hospital – DONATE!

Shadowrun Living Community focused on a mediawiki-powered living storyline.

  • Playing for Children’s Hospital of Orange County – DONATE!

Cyberpunk Audio Drama Interview

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