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Episode 008 – Magicians: Shadowrunner Dossier #3

In which Mr. Johnson and Vox discuss hermetic mages, shamans, and aspected magicians in the third installment of the Shadowrunner Dossiers. There is exciting news on the Shadowrun Returns front, Critter Corner covers Spirits, and there is an extra-long listener story to make up for the extra-long absence!

Show Notes:

For the Running the Shadows blog story on progressive recoil and how it improves the game: http://shadowrungm.blogspot.com/2013/11/tactics-recoil-and-single-shot-guns.html

Vote today for Shadowrun Returns for best RPG and best indie game in Game Debate’s Global Game Awards 2013!  http://www.game-debate.com/awards/2013/nominee/shadowrun-returns

* If I’m reading the website correctly, you have until 8AM Central time on 11/27/13 to vote.



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