The Game Plan

This series of posts hit the game forum after the events of Drekstorm, Part III and before The Eye of the Drekstorm.

-The Game Plan-

Kenji: Racing through the Barrens in the back in Fraguire’s van, just trying to hang on as Fraguire takes turn after turn, doubles back then turns again. If there was somebody following us, there’s no way they could keep up.

Kenji notices Kit shaking and mumbling something, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a thermal blanket. He crawls over to Kit and wraps the blanket around her. That’s when he notices the tears flowing down her cheeks and the hole in her abdomen of her chameleon suit and the bright pink skin of her tummy. It is hard for Kenji to focus right now, he is experiencing the WORST headache of his young life. It hurts so much it feels like his eyeballs are going to pop. It definitely pains him to see her in such pain, AGAIN !!

Kenji leans down close to Kit so nobody else can hear “How bad do you want that guy dead? I am not sure what a blood mage is but Mav says they are really bad. The other day I told you I would call an Alpha Strike Team down to help my mom, I wasn’t joking. I am willing to do it now, but it is a one use only call. If I call I will never see any of you again. But they will come. You want me to call them and geek that fragger? Oh, one more thing, it isn’t gonna be Knight Errant or Lone Star that show up….”

Kit: Kit’s eyes grow huge. She turns to look at him, not comprehending everything he’s just said. One section came through crystal clear, however: “If I call I will never see any of you again. But they will come. You want me to call them and geek that fragger?”

He would do it. She could tell. She shakes her head slowly and the tears fall faster. “No. No, I don’t want you to do it.” She kisses him, then grabs him in a hug. As her tears fall onto his back, she was struck with a vicious cycle of thought: she can’t possibly tell them the mage may have a ritual sample of her. If she did, Kenji would make the call and she’d never see him again. But she can’t possibly stay, or they would all be in danger. But she can’t possibly tell them…

<<<[KIT] 01:47:32 18MAR74 (PST): Hey. You busy? I need to ask you a question – some advice I mean. So I’m reading up on rituals and theres this thing you can do where if you get a hold of someones blood or hair or something and you can drop a spell on them from whereever. Have you ever had that happen to you? Like what if I thought some fragger had somethign on me and it would put the team in danger. But here’s the rub – I knew someone on my team would pull something to keep me safe that would cost them everything. No one would want that, right?? So what would you do? You couldnt tell the team cause this person would go all hero or something, but you couldn’t *stay* cause you’d be putting them in danger. Like all of a sudden a powerball goes off centered on me or worse, some control thoughts or something and I flap my trap about everythng… I’m thinking the only thing to do would be to leave. Disappear and try to get the sample back. Y’know this is all hypothetical – I wanna be prepared is all. But still Im freaking out over the possibility so pls write back asap. Thanks.

[Ray] 01:48:15 18MAR74 (PST): What the frag did you get yourself into? Nvm, not on comms. Get yourself into an astral barrier right away. Did you ever bother learning that Mana Barrier spell I showed you?

[KIT] 01:48:51 18MAR74 (PST): No – I don’t know that one.. so how am i supposed to get the sample back if I’m stuck ni a barrier?

[Ray] 01:49:20 18MAR74 (PST): I don’t know what to tell you, kid. Maybe friends? Oh, only DON’T COME HERE please.

[KIT] 01:51:41 18MAR74 (PST): Well thx for the info anyway. I dont have a mana barrier spell – just my lodge. Don’t wory I wouldnt dream of coming to your place or our safehouse. Im gonna have to find a way to get away from the group & hole up somewhere.

Maybe I can build another lodge quick somewhere, cuz I cant go home either. Just know that if they read my mind or something they’ll know where I live, where my team lives and where you live. Im really really sorry. If I can get that sample Il see you later. If not then its been fun. Thx for everything.


Maverick: Looking at the situation unfold in front of him Maverick begins to panic. He overheard the kid mention calling in a strike team of some sort that would make him disappear. Kit was not only almost dead a few moments ago but now she is crying and hysterical. The new girl is strangely calm given the situation which raises a slew of questions. Plus was that a fraggin blood mage back there!? The team was out gunned and caught with their pants down. We need to get our thoughts together, patch our wounds, and figure this drek out. “Guys a change of plans. Let’s head back over to the Blood Wasps territory. There is strength in numbers and we might need some reinforcements right now.” Maverick pulls out his commlink and makes a call. “Razor Wing, I need to call in a favor…”

Kit: Kit puts her commlink away after having sent a flurry of texts. Her crying has subsided but she is still very much on edge and deep in thought. After considering Maverick’s announcement, she nods very slightly to herself. “Yeah. That’s a great idea,” she adds hurriedly.

Kenji: “Fragging dead zones” Kenji says as he starts searching through his bag. He pulls out his satellite link to get MATRIX access. “That’s a great idea Mr. Maverick, I am going to check and make sure nobody is following us.”

Tiny: “Troll-sized Ruger Super Warhawk in hand, Tiny simply states the following: “The new girl is a liability. I don’t see any reason we don’t put two in her skull and toss her out of the van. It is likely she either was sent as a mole to let the ambush squad know our moves or to finish us off in the event drek didn’t go as planned. At the very least we should subdue her and possibly bait the Johnson into meeting us so I can personally pull his arms off his frame and strangle him with his own hands.” Tiny aims his sidearm at Aurora. Not so straightforward as to be taking aim, but she’s definitely getting a healthy look at the business end of it.

Kit: In a slightly shaking voice, Kit says, “Didn’t she just heal us?”

Maverick: “Sorry Kit I think Tiny has the right idea. Something does not add up with the new blood. I say once we get to where we are going we have Roland question her while I scan her aura. If possible you cast Control Thoughts and force her to spill what she knows. As she is a mage all of that may not work. In that scenario I say we let Haze have a shot at interrogation…we need to know what we are up against.”

Kit: “Fragging hell! Why does it always come down to a fragging interrogation?!” Kit yells, her voice cracking. “We ought to be figuring out where that fragging mage went, not wasting time!”

Aurora: Aurora’s head was still aching as she looked up to see the gun pointed at her and hearing all the talk about treating her like the enemy. She looked at them through the librarian glasses that seemed to be half way down her nose “I had nothing to do with this! Honestly this is my first major run with a large team. And you want to know something, I put my ass on the line for you as I was with Maverick down in the damn hole watching his ass so we could pull the team out. And then got shot, So shut up. You don’t think I am not scared like the rest of you.”

She glared at Tiny. “If you would like to live long enough to pull that trigger, than you better get it back where it belongs. Yes I am a mage and as far as any of you are concern you have no idea what I am capable of. Let me remind you of something I not only placed my ass on the line, and watched your ass I healed your team members. So let’s keep that mind when you think you are going to harm me. A doctor can not only fix you, but we also know how to take you apart piece by piece.” She spoke looking at everyone in the van with a very pissed off look.*

Maverick: Maverick’s pistol leaves its holster in a quick and fluid motion. He points it inches away from Aurora’s face directly in front of one of her eyes so he is sure she gets a good look down the barrel. “Try anything new blood and I will personally end you. That is my friend you just threatened and I trust him a hell of a lot more than you. You are going to close your eyes now and if I see your eyelids so much as flutter I am going to install a tunnel in your face. You understand me omae?”

Aurora: “Yes he may be your friend, and Yes I may be the new blood here. But don’t think I am going to sit here and listen to you plan to interrogate me. OR Plan to shot me. Just stop the Damn van and drop me off here.” She was looking right back at him scared but holding her ground. “ Just stop the van and let me off here,” she repeated as she wanted the hell out of this. She had a plan up her sleeve. As Soon as they let her out of the van she would use her Doc wagon and let them come e-vac her to safety. If there was such a place at the moment.

Haze: “Bulldreck! If the Johnson wanted us dead there’s way easier ways to do it than hiring a blood mage and having it hide in a basement with a fraggin’ platoon of armored guns. We’d have gotten a nice simple box to deliver, and when we left the restaurant it would have blown our sorry hoops halfway to Tacoma. Our targets were laying low after pulling a job, and us fraggin’ around with their cameras probably wasn’t too subtle. Then we got cocky and jumped in without taking the time we shoulda to make sure we had the drop on ’em.”

“So put those damned gun down, or I’ll take ’em away from you and make you eat ’em. It’s bad enough we got one mage mad at us, you wanna make it two? I’ve had a rough day, and I really don’t feel like burning to death this afternoon.”

Haze sighs, sits back and closes his eyes. “Now if anybody’s got a good idea on what to do next, could you please use the damned comm system? I’ve got a headache and all those damned uppers in that stimpatch sure aren’t helping.”

Kit: “Yes – Can we just please get to the Blood Wasps place in one piece so I can get out of this van? I think I’m gonna be sick…”

Maverick: Maverick stares at Aurora for a long moment holding the gun to her face. Obviously weighing Hazes words in his mind. After a very long few seconds he mutters “Frag it all!” and re-holsters his pistol. “Watch yourself new blood we do not respond well to threats.” eyeballing Haze with mild contempt “Your welcome for pulling your sorry hoop out of being a blood mages trophy by the way.”

Roland: Roland glares blearily at everyone. ” Ya know, for having the rep of a rabid psycho. Haze is right. Morieu reeks of corp, but he feels too clean to deal with blood mages. Didn’t he say he had the first team dine and dash the statue on Big A? They got there first man. Blood mages, the whole fraggin lot of ’em. That’s prolly what happened. Frag I need some drek.” Makes sure the mechanism on his crossbow is clear. ” As I see it. I fragged this to drek anyway. Wanna shoot someone?” He leans his head out towards Tiny and Mav. ” Go ahead. Shoulda let those bloody brainslitches go in first and eat up all that bulldrek.” Looking rather disgusted with himself, as well as the whole situation, he waits. Will someone pull the trigger? He doesn’t think so, but after messing up that bad…

Tiny: Still waving and jabbing his pistol occasionally in Aurora’s direction, Tiny lobbys the team “She still isn’t above suspicion and we still can’t take any chances.”  Maybe his mind has been changed by Roland’s silver tongue, but he still is a one-track-minded trog. He spews a few expletives in Or’zet before adding “This whole thing is fragged and we’ve been burned. I will have my pound of flesh before it’s all said and done.” and finally holsters his pistol.

Roland: ” I ain’t saying you’re wrong Tiny, but Frag man…. was it us? Or just one of us? if so? Her?” Jerks his chin towards Aurora. ” She still doesn’t have the shiny knocked off her yet. Fraguire? Did she have ties to the A? We only got so many people to choose from here, and I know it’s not me or Tiny. Who dipped their junk in the Azzies anthill guys? Not just recently either, but ever?”

Maverick: “I am not expert on Azzies or blood mages. But I am an expert on Security. That was a strike team and they had a goal. Judging by the Stick and Shock I am leaning towards them wanting to take us in alive. Now that opens up a drek ton of more questions. Like WHY THE FRAG DOES A BLOOD MAGE WANT US ALIVE? It cannot be for sacrifice bait because there are plenty of homeless and squatters that would make a MUCH easier target. There was an agenda but I am not seeing a motive. So someone has an enemy or we have unknowingly stepped on the wrong toes in one of our jobs.”

Aurora: Aurora kept a close eye on all of them now, not really trusting any of them at this point. Leaning up against the side of the van wall as her mind was everywhere. For one she healed someone that is supposed to not be awakened and have back lash. For two…it was a damn trap, not only a trap but with a blood mage and a creature that horror movies are made from. Oh…and that’s right, the team that she just got with wants to interrogate her and shoot her. Just great…and its gets better going into gang land with no back up or friends is a really horrible spot to be in. When she got back into town, there was going to be some answering for this one. One way or another.

Haze: I think it’s way more likely that the team didn’t hand in the thing they stole because a recovery team killed ’em all, and while they were waiting for retrieval we showed up. But if you wanna blame the Johnson for our frag up and quit the job I’m fine with going on without you. Mav’s probably out too. Anybody else wanna get dropped off someplace real quick like before the rest of us figure out what we need to do to get paid? ‘Cuz the way I see it we’ve still got somebody’s dinner table centerpiece to pick up so I can pay my rent.


I also wanna make sure that mage and his LMG waving backup band ain’t looking for payback too. Maybe the Johnson knew more than we were told, but dreck, if I had a credstick for every time a Johnson didn’t tell a bunch of runners the whole truth I sure as shit wouldn’t be living in a condemned building in the Barrens. Maybe we should get some background on the fragger, but I don’t see how anything to do with us running up and kicking a devil rat’s nest.

Hopefully the gangers will keep ’em busy for a little while, give us time to lick our wounds, come up with a better plan, and come back ready for round 2. I think the first thing we need to do is figure out a way to keep an eye on them so they don’t go sneaking off on us. Odds are they ain’t bringing that tracker signal with ’em when they do. I’m guessing that T-bird was there to pick ’em up and take ’em home with their new toy, so we probably bought a bit of time while they find new transport. It might take a while stuck in a basement in the Barrens, so either they’re calling home for a new taxi, or they’re gonna have to stick their heads up to look for something.

So anybody got a good way to keep an eye on that place until we can get back there? If they’re still down in that basement when we get back I’ve got some ideas on evening the odds, but I’d like to know if they’re gonna still be there when we get back.

Dreck, _I_ use stick ‘n’ shock ammo. It sure ain’t ‘cuz I have secret nefarious blood magic reasons for it either. I used to do recovery work all the time, and it only makes sense to keep your targets alive. Sometimes they stashed the goodies someplace nice and safe, and it’s a whole lot easier to ask them where it is then spend all afternoon ripping apart their squat for it.

Tiny: “We should hire a couple wannabes to be our sentry there until we can get back. IF we go back.”

Maverick: “Haze maybe you missed what just happened so let me refresh your memory because obviously it is a bit Hazy. We just went down into that basement after a team of runners. Instead we found AN AZTECHNOLOGY CORPORATE STRIKE TEAM LEAD BY A FRAGGIN BLOOD MAGE. They dropped most of our team in a matter of seconds. YOURSELF INCLUDED. We dropped one of them and wrecked a vehicle barely making it out with our hoops intact. You care about a job that pays less than 20,000 nuyen when we are likely being pursued by a blood mage right now. FRAG THE MONEY! FRAG THE JOHNSON! This is about self-preservation and if you have not noticed most of us are in no state to continue a run right now. We need to go to ground and lick our wounds. If that means missing out on 20k Nuyen, WHO THE FRAG CARES.”

Haze: I got it Maverick, you don’t want to be involved. You wanna go run off and hide. Fine. Go.

Do the rest of you agree with him? Do you wanna bail on this job? Skip town for a couple of weeks? Frag, assuming the rest of the first team was down in that basement the Azzies got what they were looking for. They’ll probably be gone by this evening. We should probably call the Johnson now if we’re giving up. It might save a few shreds of our rep.


Hey kid, any chance you can scan me for a tracker? I wasn’t gonna say anything before ‘cuz it might have saved our hoops if the Johnson decided to send another team after us, but there ain’t no need for a tracking device if we’re quitting.

Kit: “No!” Kit blurts out. “We gotta fin- finish this job, y’know?” She scans the faces of the party, alarmed.

Kenji: “Hey guys, may I say something now?”

“We all messed up on this one, we got cocky, didn’t pay attention, didn’t plan It out and we screwed the pouch.”

“That being said I took out their Techno, er.. decker and killed a TBIRD !!! WOOHOOO I RULE !!!!” big smile on the kids face. Kenji is obviously trying to break some of the tension in the back of the van using humor.

“One more thing, Biscuit is right, we are not done yet.” “That blood mage isn’t leaving the Barrens.” “Ever.”

“I am trying to find a satellite that is close enough to keep an eye on things…”

The Kid also grabs his scanner from his bag and starts checking everybody.

Maverick: Maverick stares coldly at Haze with a murderous glare. Through clinched teeth he begins to speak. “I personally went into that drek storm to drag you out after cautioning beforehand that the plan would not work. I risked my hoop to save not one, not two, not three but four of you and indirectly helped save a fifth. I had that blood mage on the ropes and everyone insisted that we run. Now you who I saved from the worst fate imaginable on the streets dismiss me? Next time I will not be there to pull your ass out of the fire. You chose your grave now lay in it. FRAGUIRE STOP THE VAN! I am getting out.”

The van screeches to a halt. Maverick slams the door open and jumps out pausing to give one last glare at Haze. He looks to the Kid and Kit and a look of sadness comes over his face. “I have something for you.” He draws both of his heavily embossed black and silver Super Ruger Warhawks and hands one to each of them. “This is Dirge and this is Requiem. Their song has pulled me out of more situations then I would like to admit. Do not let them take you alive.” His voice quivers for a moment and he recomposes himself. Motioning to his Cowboy hat he put on the Kid before running in to extract the team. “Keep it, it is lucky. You will need the luck.” He makes eye contact with Tiny and exchanges a respectful nod. Then he slams the door shut and walks off into the barrens. Anyone looking out the window will see him turn invisible a moment later.

Kit: It all happened before she could say what she needed to say. Then he was handing her a pistol and that look crossed his face: the one that made her blood go cold whenever she saw it on an adult’s face.


“But, no – wait,” she muttered as she looked over the gun. “Wait-” she said as she looked up. He slammed the door. “No, I have to-” He went invisible and was gone. She swallowed. Sure, she could track him down, but she’d learned to avoid getting in the middle of drek like this among grown men.

“Okay… Frag!,” she exclaimed. “Everybody listen for a sec. There’s something you have to know. And don’t you dare do what I think you’re going to do: you can’t disappear,” she said fiercely, jabbing a finger at Kenji.

She took a deep breath. “Okay, so there’s a thing that people can do with ritual spellcasting if they have a sample of you, hair, or… or blood; they can cast spells on you from a distance, they don’t have to be anywhere near you, and from what I could tell of Tiny’s armor,” she nodded her head toward Tiny’s blood-covered shoulder and her voice starts to rise, “and my wound, I figured I must have dropped a lot of blood there – so I summoned a fire spirit to burn it all away; it said it finished the job, but I don’t know how much time that mage had, so I was going to run away,” her eyebrows furrowed; she looked down and her voice became choked, “but I’m afraid now that you’ll all think I was double-crossing you or something – I was going to tell you, but I don’t want anyone to do anything that’s going to ruin them,” she stared pointedly at Kenji, “and I don’t think I could get the sample back all on my own – but everyone’s probably in danger since that mage can use me to target any kind of ball spell here, or even worse, he could use control thoughts on me or clairvoyance, or mind probe – and I’d be doing things that weren’t really me, but were the mage, or the mage could read my mind, or see through my eyes… So I really need a mana barrier spell: Ray said it will prevent any problems, but he doesn’t want me coming to his house, not that I blame him, and I don’t know the spell, and Maverick’s gone now, and I don’t know if she,” she nods toward Aurora, “knows the spell or not, but I know some shamans in the local area and I could ask them, and I could have my spirit monitor me for signs of spells on me that I didn’t cast and I didn’t watch being cast, which would help with the manipulation and divination spells, but it wouldn’t save against a combat spell…” She finally stops the tirade, takes another deep breath, and waits, cringing.

Roland: Roland watches the fiasco unfold in front of him, half his body screaming need for sleep, the other, for Cram. Grumbling a bit before he pipes up. ” Look chummers, you wanna bail? Go bail. Mav said he had the Bloodmage on the ropes? I say I stuck him with a crossbow bolt full of narcojet and that BARELY knocked him down. Best bet is to stick together, find a good warded area to stick Kit in, and I just need to know one thing. What’s the shelf-life of a blood-sample? Anyone? Cause that’s how long she’s gotta lay low. We can have the Man work on finding more out about this group, like who the frag sent them. I for one say we set up a fraggin’ trap…. ” *He stops a moment, and blinks.* “Who was in the van when they dropped the ordinance? Cause they weren’t the target….FRAG. Haze? You know anyone that can sell a heavy crossbow on the cheap? This lightweight drek’s gotta go.”

Tiny: “We’ve lost any tactical advantage we might have had now that Cowboy split and Spitfire over there… ” Tiny gestures to Kit “… has been compromised by whatever this blood drek is. The way I see it – this is an all-hands-on-deck run if we’re going to see it through and we’re down 2 bodies right now with a third under serious scrutiny. By the time we regroup to full capacity, re-equip and re-arm… ” that last bit looks to be annoying him “…they could be long gone.”

Tiny looks around the van and asks “I for one want my piece of the action but given the situation I think we’re royally fragged for this job. I’ve got no problem telling the Johnson his shiny statue got swiped by the Azzies before we arrived. If he somehow knows more than that then I suggest we let Haze work him over to find out just what this fragging suit knows.”

Addressing Kit Tiny adds “As for now, I think we need to drop you down a very deep and very dark hole until you’ve been cleared as a threat. The alternative is permanent decommissioning.”

Roland: “We’re going to that hole Tiny, calm your massively cybered tits.” Roland sighs, giving Kit the eye as he assenses her.” You need to calm yours too chicka. Nobody’s off’n anyone while I’m here.” Glares at everyone else. ” Right?” He waits a moment before muttering. ” We got too much drek to do to be down this many people. We gotta stay close and work like a damn unit.”

Aurora: Aurora blinked at this whole thing. These people were not only crazy but just about out of their fucking minds. Looking to Kit, which would be the only one she might trust to any degree, “Kit…you an I are the only ones that understand magic here correct? We both know that the blood mage won’t stop until he has his target, and right now that could be anyone in the damn van. We need a plan, and a good one.” She spoke sitting up better. “I have got to heal myself some before we are attacked again. Just throwing that out there before anyone decides to get foggy. After I get done, I heal anyone else I can. As I see it, we are either together or we die by ourselves. ” She looks to Tiny, “I am not looking to kill anyone here, and I don’t want to be killed either. For now, a truce at least on that?” she asked before she even looked like she was casting a spell.

Roland: Roland rolls his eyes at Aurora, if anyone was assensing him at the moment, his aura looks like hers, and is flipping her off. ” Gotcha Princess. Let’s all just chill till we get to the Blood’s territory. THEN we can all keel over for a few.”

Kit: Visibly trembling, arms folded around herself, and knees bouncing like jackhammers, Kit shot Tiny a wide-eyed look. She nodded at Roland’s suggestion, then to Aurora said, “I don’t see why he would stop, but we don’t know who he was after in the first place.”

“Frag, I gotta stop this fragging shaking,” she muttered to herself, and dug around in her bag.

Roland: “Listen, we’re all jacked up, and we need one person fixed up enough to be awake while the others work out the herky-jerky. I nominate myself, as I won’t shoot you fraggers with anything other than narcojet.”

Aurora: Aurora shook her head, “He shouldn’t have stopped….and if he didn’t then I don’t want to think too hard of the nightmare that may be after us now. They don’t ever give up on a target…” She spoke looking around the van a moment. A terrible thought crossing her mind, “Kit…when we get where we are going we need a barrier spell…can you do those yet? Or even a watcher spirit?” she asked not being rude but they had to have some protection. Because there were things the blood mage could do and it would leave them wide open to attack.

Kit: Kit slips something onto her tongue from her bag. She shakes her head at Aurora, “No. No barrier spell, and I don’t do watchers. There are some spirits that have agreed to help me for a while who can keep watch… but if that guy decides to center a manaball on me, there’s nothing any of us can do til we get to a fragging mana barrier.”

Kenji: As we are driving to the Blood Wasps den, “Hey new girl, how powerful is your magic?” “Between you and Kit can you two blast that other mage and take him out of a fight?”

“I can disable all the guns of the shooters”…

Although I might need to get a lil rest first…

Roland: ” I don’t think any of us have a barrier spell yet Princess. Though wards do work, but he’ll have to pop that….. Anyone got like five to six k nuyen? I’mma make some calls, see if while you gaijin are off dreaming I’m gonna scan the Johnson, and try and get a bead on the glitched drek.

Kit: “Once that sample goes bad, you bet your ass I’ll be blasting that fragger with everything I’ve got.”

Kenji: Roland, I have funds… whatever ya need.

Aurora: Aurora looked over to Kit and that is what she had feared, “Kit…who else split blood down there on the steps?” she asked as she looked at herself to see if she had lost blood somewhere.

Roland: “alright. Well….can..uh. Anyone got a big fat stimpatch? or a heal spell? Preferably the spell? That’d be nice. Also, don’t fraggin glitch yourself trying to heal me. Nobody’s dying on my watch. Kid, think you can monitor my comm in case the Johnson’s got paydata you can rip?”

Kit: “I have no idea – the last thing I remember was that thing jumping me,” she shudders. “Then I woke up here in the van. The only reason I figured he could have collected my blood is cause I saw it all over Tiny and myself… so there must have been a lot..”

Kenji: Yeah Roland, I can monitor your comms, just let me get a mark on it.

“I hope the Bloodwasps have a decker, I can try to borrow or buy a micro drone with a camera, or a hover drone, something I can monitor that area with. Then I can get a pic of that mage, then I can start searching for who he is, and where he is from.” ” AND… who he works for.”

Roland: “Gimme a sec.” Quickly reboots his comm…just in case.” Go ahead, wanted to make sure nobody else had gotten ahold of it.”

Kenji: They hadn’t.. I was keepin an eye on it

“Hey something just clicked, we are wanting the gangers to slow that Blood Mage strike team down. How about we get a few more people to hunt that prick? I am going to post a quick thread on JackPoint about a Blood Mage sighted.” “Ok, can also drop the dime at the Draco Fed, they have that bounty for Blood Mages. Hell even K.E. might want to get that bounty.”

“Tiny, I will need to access the footage from your cyber eyes to provide proof for the thread.”

Kit: “Maverick said the Blood Wasps place, wherever that is… You all know more places than me, so I’ll leave it up to you. But just remember that wherever we go – both the location of the place and anyone there is in danger til we know that mage is dead or any sample he’s taken has gone bad.”

Kenji: The Kid sends a message to Lone Star, Knight Errant, Draco Foundation, JackPoint.


my crew was just jumped by a BLOOD MAGE strike team. (Address, and map coordinates).

Video attached will confirm. Local gang engaging now, (Time Stamp)

Attachment: Blood Mage

Sender: annonomus

The Kid cleans any trace of himself so he can’t be traced, makes sure to do the same for the video from Biscuits cyber eyes.

“Guys, I just posted about the Blood Mage to everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY.” “This area is going to be crawling with people looking for him in a few minutes.”

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